Impacted by layoffs?
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Impacted by layoffs?

August 17, 2011, 9:25 am
Financial Career
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Consider a career in the financial services industry with New York Life.
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By: Roger Correa, LUTCF

A Life Insurance Sales Career Awaits You

To watch the video, go here:

Why Should I Join New York Life?

Well, see why Gabriel Gould, a partner at The Greater New York General Office of New York Life — and former advertising executive — joined the "World's Most Admired Life Insurance Company."1

Now Is The Time

  • Work for a company that Fortune Magazine just named us the “World’s Most Admired Company” in the Life and Health Insurance Industry category1
  • Begin a career that the Wall Street Journal calls one of the hottest out there (March 9, 2010 article, A Hot Job for Hard Times: The Life Insurance Agent)
  • Represent the largest seller of life insurance and lifetime income annuities in the United States in 20092

This educational third-party article is being provided as a courtesy by Roger Correa. For additional information on the information or topic(s) discussed, please contact Roger Correa at ( or 954-958-4302).

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1 Fortune Magazine, March 22, 2010

2 New York Life was the number one seller of fixed immediate annuities in 2009, according to an industry source. Source: LIMRA International, U.S. Individual Annuity Sales Survey, Fixed Immediates, Fourth Quarter YTD 2009 results. (Fixed Immediates include Fixed Period Annuities.) New York Life was the largest seller of individual life insurance, according to an industry source. Note: Sales based on all planned recurring premiums plus 100% of reported single premiums. Source: LIMRA International, Fourth Quarter YTD 2009 Individual Life Insurance Sales Survey.

Author: Roger Correa, LUTCF
I am a partner with New York Life Insurance Company in our Sunrise General Office, Florida 33323 MRDT qualifilier, Centurian qualifier, President's council qualifier! Our main focus is to hire and develop new Brazilian / Hispanic agents to work in our Sunrise, Doral offices! Telephone: 954-958-4302
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Impacted by layoffs?
Impacted by layoffs?
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