Protecting the Ones You Love: It Starts with Term Insurance
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Protecting the Ones You Love: It Starts with Term Insurance

July 28, 2011, 2:07 pm
Financial Future
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Protect what matters most with life insurance. New York Life offers 3 new products that were designed with 3 important words: affordable, flexible and convenient. What matters most to you?
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By: Roger Correa, LUTCF

Who provides for your loved ones: keeps a roof over their heads, pays the bills, worries about their future? You do.

You think about these special people — your spouse, your children, your partner — every day. And when you do, you always see yourself as part of their lives. But what if you were suddenly out of the picture? Who pays the bills, keeps a roof over their heads, helps your children realize their dreams?

If you have life insurance the answer is the same — you do.

For many, the first step toward creating a legacy of love starts with buying a term life insurance policy. Why?

Term insurance is:

  • The least expensive type of life insurance, usually providing the maximum protection for the lowest cost.
  • Easy to understand. It’s pure insurance protection: nothing more, nothing less.
  • Great for people who are beginning a new chapter in their lives (e.g. new house, new baby, new partner, new business).

To help as many people as possible, and create the protection that fits their particular needs, New York Life is introducing three new term insurance policies, adding them to the already popular Family Protection Insurance.

The new policies, Yearly Convertible Term, Level Premium Convertible Term 5 Year Level Premium, and Level Premium Convertible Term Insurance 10-20 Year Level Premium, along with Family Protection Insurance, share certain features. They all:

  1. Are backed by the financial strength of New York Life
  2. Provide a death benefit that is generally free of any federal income tax
  3. Can be converted to permanent insurance that builds cash value over time

Each policy is designed to help our policyowners meet certain needs, based on their age, health and the length of time they need the insurance. To learn more about a specific policy, click on the title below:

Author: Roger Correa, LUTCF
I am a partner with New York Life Insurance Company in our Sunrise General Office, Florida 33323 MRDT qualifilier, Centurian qualifier, President's council qualifier! Our main focus is to hire and develop new Brazilian / Hispanic agents to work in our Sunrise, Doral offices! Telephone: 954-958-4302
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Roger Correa
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Protecting the Ones You Love: It Starts with Term Insurance
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