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Organizing Your Financial Life
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Organizing Your Financial Life

May 31, 2011, 2:10 pm
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Benefits of organizing your financial life.
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Organizing Your Financial Life
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May 31, 2011 - Fort Lauderdale FL, by Roger Correa, LUTCF

Do you know where all your critical documents are located? If a death in the family were to occur, would you know where to locate the will, bank documents, insurance policies and investment documents? Would you even know whom to contact to get the documents you need?

Are You in Document Disarray?

Whether you are changing jobs, buying a home, caring for an aging loved one, experiencing a death in the family, or planning your retirement, major life events can send you into a document search tailspin. Just think about how many documents the bank requests when you apply for a home mortgage or the litany of current and historical documents that are needed to settle an estate. Because we don’t always tend to keep track of everything we have or might need to prepare for such events, unexpected circumstances send most of us scurrying to collect what is required.

Get Help to Get Organized…

If the idea of getting your financial life in order sounds completely overwhelming, don’t worry. You are not alone. There are organizing systems that can help you, such as New York Life’s LifeFolio System, which you can get for free from any New York Life agent. It comes with an easy-to-complete checklist that can help you and your family organize all your critical financial documents and share that information with those close to you, as well as your investment professional, attorney, accountant, and your executor/executrix.

…And Feel Better

Getting organized not only helps you identify what you have — it will help your financial professional to identify what you need and help you bridge any gaps in your financial strategy. As such, organizing your financial life may be one of the easiest, but most important gifts you can give yourself and your family. So, contact a New York Life Agent today and get on the road to financial organization.


To learn more about the information or topics discussed, please contact Roger Correa, LUTCF at or 954-958-4302.

Author: Roger Correa, LUTCF
I am a partner with New York Life Insurance Company in our Sunrise General Office, Florida 33323 MRDT qualifilier, Centurian qualifier, President's council qualifier! Our main focus is to hire and develop new Brazilian / Hispanic agents to work in our Sunrise, Doral offices! Telephone: 954-958-4302
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Roger Correa
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