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The end is near. On March 6, 2018, nearly 1,000 young people daily could begin to lose their protected status as their Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) work permits begin to elapse (within 2 years). When President Donald Trump ended this program, he placed the entire burden of resolving the crises for the nearly 1 million people affected directly on the shoulders of Congress There are several DACA substitution bills whirling around Congress. If Congress can pass a bill before the March 5 deadline, many DACA recipients will be able to continue in the US legally. Some of the proposed bills have similar requirements as DACA, but a few provide something extra that DACA does not: a pathway to citizenship. The following are four DACA substitute bills you ought to know about. 1. RAC Act ("Recognizing America's Children Act") Presented: In the House on 3/9/2017 by Rep. Carlos Curbelo, R- Florida.  36 Co-sponsors: The RAC Act has a great number of sponsors, but 35 are Republican and only one is a Democrat.  A path to Citizenship: The RAC Act does provide a pathway to citizenship, but only after 10 years of legal residency. Applicants would need to reside in the US for five years as a conditional permanent resident, and then five years as a green card holder in order to be authorized to apply for citizenship. Permission to Travel: DACA recipients could travel outside of the US right away., The current DACA requires special permission. Basic Requirements: Arrival in the US before 16 years of age and have lived in the US since January 1, 2012. Applicants must either have a high school diploma or be enrolled in school, have a valid work authorization, or enlist in the military. 2. Bridge Act ("Bar Removal of Individuals who Dream and Grow our Economy Act") Presented : In the House on 1/12/2017 by Rep. Mike Coffman, R-Colorado. 32 Co-sponsors : The Bridge Act does have bipartisan support. 16 Democrats and 16 Republicans have signed on to the support the bill.  Path to Citizenship : The major problem with this bill is that it does not support a pathway to citizenship. Basically, it is a three-year work visa that requires Congressional approval to renew it for another 3 years.  Permission to Travel : No travel is permitted outside the US during the three-year visa period.  Basic Requirements : Are more stringent than the others. Applicants will have entered the US before 16-years of age and must have resided continuously in the US since June 15, 2007. Applicants must be enrolled in school or have a high school degree or GED. Honorably discharged members of the US Armed Forces are also eligible. Applicants must not have committed three or more misdemeanors. Succeed Act ("Solution for Undocumented Children through Careers, Education, Defending our nation Act") Presented : In the Senate on 9/25/2017 by Sen. Thom Tillis (R- North Carolina). Co-sponsors : There are only Three. The bill is more expansive than the Republican led Bridge Act introduced in the House.  Path to Citizenship : After 15 years as both a conditional permanent resident (10 years) and a green card holder (five years), DACA recipients would be able to apply for citizenship. Permission to Travel : International travel is allowed under the bill. Basic Requirements : Applicants must have entered the US before they reached the age of 16 and be younger than 31 on June 15, 2012. They must have lived continuously in the US since January 1, 2012. Applicants will have earned a high school diploma or GED or be enrolled in higher education. Those who have served or enlisted in the Army are also eligible. Dream Act ("Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act") Presented : The Dream Act has been introduced in both the House and Senate. This bill was originally introduced in 2010, by Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina. He reintroduced a reorganized version known as the "Clean Dream Act" in the Senate on 7/20/2017. Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard, D-California, introduced the same version in the House on 7/26/2017.  211 sponsors Co-sponsors : The Dream Act definitely has the most support. The problem remains that only 9 Republicans support this bill.  Path to Citizenship : The Dream Act provides the quickest path to citizenship.. After five years as a legal permanent resident, applicants can apply for US citizenship. Basic Requirements : must have entered the US before the age of 18 and have lived in the US for four years prior to the bill's enactment. Unlike the other bills, there is no date associated with the age requirement. A GED or high school diploma or enrollment in a higher education program is required.

Immigrant Facebook Users BEWARE

Last week Homeland Security published a new rule in the Federal Register , describing how it plans to increase the information it collects when investigating a person’s immigration status. It will include social media fictitious names and maybe even search histories. The DHS also plans to find data from "publicly available information obtained from the internet, public records, public institutions, interviewees, commercial data providers, and information obtained and disclosed pursuant to information sharing agreements." According to BuzzFeed, this surveillance custom could also eventually pick up data on anyone who corresponds with a US immigrant. The policy applies to not only to immigration applicants, but also to naturalized U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents. The new requirement, was first reported by BuzzFeed News , and is scheduled to take effect on October 18, 2017.

Silicon Valley Giants join fight to save DACA

President Trump, through his Attorney General Jeff Sessions, formally proclaimed the end of the Obama-era DACA program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program), which protected young undocumented immigrants brought to the US as children from deportation. His announcement places a six month period for the sunset of the program. Trump’s logic is that its Congresses place and power to create a law to protect these individuals. President Trump stated that "I do not favor punishing children, most of whom are now adults, for the actions of their parents. But we must also recognize that we are nation of opportunity because we are a nation of laws." But Sessions sees the plight of these young people from a different perspective. He opines that DACA is a "unilateral executive amnesty" and that the Obama administration "deliberately sought to achieve what the legislative branch specifically refused to authorize on multiple occasions. Such an open-ended circumvention of immigration laws was an unconstitutional exercise of authority by the executive branch." He went further and added that DACA "denied jobs to hundreds of thousands of Americans by allowing those same illegal aliens to take those jobs." The effect of terminating DACA is that almost 800,000 young immigrants could be on the threshold of losing the only US government program that has been shielding them from deportation since 2007. The termination of the Obama-era “Dreamers” immigration program, Silicon Valley companies have begun to voice their opinion. Throughout the campaign Trump swore close DACA on the first day of his presidency, but soon after he began to waver. February, In a press conference, Trump said, “We are gonna deal with DACA with heart. The DACA situation is a very difficult thing for me, as I love these kids, I love kids. I have kids and grandkids, and I find it very, very hard doing what the law says exactly to do and, you know, the law is rough.” On Thursday Silicon Valley swiftly moved on the offense. Hundreds of tech leaders co-signed a letter entitled “Leaders of American Industry on DACA.” Signatories included Nadella, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Box CEO Aaron Levie, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Hewlett CEO Meg Whitman, Lyft co-founders John Zimmer and Logan Green, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and Sam Altman of Y Combinator. The letter reads: Since the country’s birth, America has been the land of opportunity – welcoming newcomers and giving them the chance to build families, careers, and businesses. In turn, our nation has been strengthened and fueled by the energy, drive, and passion of immigrants. As entrepreneurs and business leaders, we are concerned about new developments in immigration policy that threaten the future of Dreamers, young undocumented immigrants brought to America as children. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which allows nearly 800,000 Dreamers the basic opportunity to work and study without the threat of deportation, is in jeopardy. All DACA recipients grew up in America, registered with our government, submitted to extensive background checks, and are diligently giving back to our communities and paying income taxes. More than 97 percent are in school or in the workforce, 5 percent started their own business, 65 percent have purchased a vehicle, and 16 percent have purchased their first home. At least 72 percent of the top 25 Fortune 500 companies count Dreamers among their employees. Unless we act now to preserve the DACA program, all 780,000 hardworking young people will lose their ability to work legally in this country, and every one of them will be at immediate risk of deportation. Our economy would lose $460.3 billion from the national GDP and $24.6 billion in Social Security and Medicare tax contributions. Dreamers are vital to the future of our companies and our economy. With them, we grow and create jobs. They are part of why we will continue to have a global competitive advantage. We call on President Trump to preserve the DACA program. We call on Congress to pass the bipartisan DREAM Act. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, wrote a post on his personal Facebook page. “I stand with the Dreamers -- the young people brought to our country by their parents. Many have lived here as long as they can remember. Dreamers have a special love for this country because they can't take living here for granted. They understand all the opportunities they have and want nothing more than the chance to serve their country and their community. And Dreamers deserve that chance. We need a government that protects Dreamers. Today I join business leaders across the country in calling on our President to keep the DACA program in place and protect Dreamers from fear of deportation. We're also calling on Congress to finally pass the Dream Act or another permanent, legislative solution that Dreamers deserve. These young people represent the future of our country and our economy. They are our friends and family, students and young leaders in our communities. I hope you will join us in speaking out. “ Uber’s CTO, Thuan Pham, also signed the letter, and an Uber spokesperson provided this statement by email: "Dreamers grew up here, live here, and are contributing to our communities and our economy. Their contributions make America more competitive and they deserve the opportunity to work, study, and pursue the American dream." Brad Smith, CEO of Microsoft made his statement about the importance of the DACA recipients “As a CEO, I see each day the direct contributions that talented employees from around the world bring to our company, our customers and to the broader economy. We care deeply about the DREAMers who work at Microsoft and fully support them. We will always stand for diversity and economic opportunity for everyone. It is core to who we are at Microsoft and I believe it is core to what America is. This is the America that I know and of which I am a proud citizen. This is the America that I love and that my family and I call home. And this is the America that I will always advocate for.” Mozilla offered the following sentiment: “We want DREAMers to continue contributing to this country’s future and we do not want people to live in fear. We urge the Administration to keep the DACA program intact. At the same time, we urge leaders in government to enact a bipartisan permanent solution, one that will allow these bright minds to prosper in the country we know and love.” Tim Cook, CEO of Apple tweeted “ 250 of my Apple coworkers are #Dreamers. I stand with them. They deserve our respect as equals and a solution rooted in American values.” Even Verizon voiced it’s opinion though , Craig Silliman, Verizon executive vice president of public policy and general counsel wrote: “Diversity isn't just some politically correct concept, a liberal agenda item, the right thing to do. Diversity is important because it strengthens our companies, our organizations, our society. This is particularly important to remember as the nation debates the right policies to move our country forward. One of those important debates involves the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA program. There currently are nearly 800,000 individuals in the United States who arrived in the country as undocumented immigrants when they were children. They are referred to as the "Dreamers." They grew up in this country and they are now investing in it and contributing to it. Almost all of them are now in school or in the workforce, and many have started their own businesses. At Verizon we have benefited immeasurably from the diverse experiences, talents and work ethic of our many immigrant employees, as have most other large companies and our country as a whole. The Dreamers are a truly valuable resource for our economy and our society. The DACA program has ensured that they could continue to be a part of our schools and companies and communities, but now there is a risk that this program will end. At a time when we are fighting to ensure that the US economy remains strong on the global stage, it is vital that we not lose the advantage of the Dreamers with their energy, diverse experience and backgrounds. This is exactly the type of diverse talent that has made the United States successful to date and on which our success will depend in the future.” Now it will truly be Congress’ move. Will it save DACA and allow them these young people to remain and work in the U.S.,, or will they be relegated to the shadows of society, always struggling to be one step ahead of the “MIGRA”?

CBP Reminds Travelers of Departure Date with New I-94 Website Feature

PRESS RELEASE Release Date: May 31, 2017 For Immediate Release Office of the Press Secretary Contact: 202-282-8010 WASHINGTON — U.S. Customs and Border Protection will now remind travelers of their last possible departure date from the United States, according to the terms of their admission, via email and a new feature on the I-94 website. Beginning today, eligible Visa Waiver Program travelers will be able to check how much longer they can remain in the United States without overstaying the terms of their admission. Further updates to the I-94 website will incorporate additional nonimmigrant travelers. “Terms of admission can vary widely for travelers based on their purpose of travel, visa, and classification. This new feature makes it easier for travelers to find their specific admitted until date in order to comply with U.S. immigration laws,” said Acting Commissioner Kevin McAleenan. “CBP remains committed to facilitating lawful travel and improving the international travel experience for both U.S. citizens and visitors to the United States.” To check their admitted until date, travelers will enter their name, birthdate, passport number and passport country of issuance. If a traveler has overstayed the terms of their admission, the I-94 website will provide travelers with information regarding next steps to take. An “overstay” is defined as someone who was lawfully admitted to the United States for an authorized period, but remained in the United States beyond his or her lawful period of admission. Periods of admission vary based on the traveler’s class of admission. For example, a lawful admission period can be a fixed period, or based on the completion of a certain activity, such as a student seeking a college degree. In September 2016, CBP launched an online I-94 application and payment option for travelers arriving at a land port of entry. Travelers can provide their biographic and travel information, and pay the $6 fee for their I-94 application online up to seven days prior to their entry. Form I-94 provides non-immigrant visitors evidence they have been lawfully admitted to the U.S., which is necessary to verify alien registration, immigration status, and employment authorization. In May 2013, CBP automated the I-94 in the air and sea environment. The automated system allows CBP Officers to create an I-94 Arrival Record within primary and secondary inspection processing systems at the time of inspection with passenger manifest information—eliminating the need for paper forms and manual data entry. CBP encourages travelers to plan ahead to ensure a smooth and efficient processing experience. Visit for travel tips. U.S. Customs and Border Protection is the unified border agency within the Department of Homeland Security charged with the management, control and protection of our nation's borders at and between official ports of entry. CBP is charged with keeping terrorists and terrorist weapons out of the country while enforcing hundreds of U.S. laws.


“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth gets its boots on,” the sagacious Mark Twain declared. And that was almost a century before Josef Goebbels, cable television, the “internets” and the perpetual propaganda/marketing Mighty Wurlitzer. The ball having mercifully dropped on Annus Horribilis 2016 and the heavy weight of Annus Insanitus 2017 now fully upon us, the truth, even with jets on its boots, cannot catch up with the shameless audacity and sheer volume of the lies Disinformation Nation USA is spewing around the world. Or to paraphrase Winston Churchill, in our time the precious truth is being completely overwhelmed by its surrounding bodyguard of lies. *** Real news was made on election night, November 8th, 2016 after months and months of relentless propaganda, lies, smears, salaciousness and slander, malicious provocations, magical thinking, fortune telling, pathological denials, journalistic malpractice and political awfulness. Truth: Donald J. Trump, blowfish-faced, weirdly-coiffed, brand-name New York City real estate tycoon and former reality TV star, self-regarding sociopath and seriously uninformed political neophyte yet instinctive world class political disrupter, was in fact elected the 45th President of the United States. Much to the shock and awe of the entire Wall Street/War Street/Washington DC Axis of Evil and their corrupt and tattered standard bearer, Hillary Clinton, the Candidate of Yesteryear. As an extra added bonus, the Bush and Clinton crypto-dynasties, after nearly 40 dismal years, were both chucked into the dumpster of history. Whodathunk it?? Anyone with eyes to see. Lie: Vladimir Putin, allegedly Stalin born again, hacked the election, destroying our “wonderful democracy” (huh?) and stealing the presidency from Hillary on behalf of his secret agent Trump. Evidence? None!! Truth: World Class sore loser Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Money Party’s Queen of You Owe Me, didn’t lose the election because of the Russians or the Martians. She lost the old-fashioned way: She EARNED it! For all the million$ in moolah mooched and the huge home team of “experienced” enablers, alibiers, fixers, surrogates, apparatchiks, coat carriers, political pimps and backstabbers on the payroll, the ginormous “Stronger Together” / “I’m With Her” Clinton campaign juggernaut succeeded only in meeting the definition of a camel: a horse put together by a committee. Her entire pitch was based on being the “most experienced” person ever to run for the top office and therefore entitled to be the first woman President. Her battle plan was to out-money and muscle aside any prospective opponents before they could get their running shoes tied and become the inevitable (anointed) winner two years before a single vote was even cast. As a has been, she peaked too soon. Has been 1st Lady, has been Junior Senator for Wall Street, has been Secretary of State and has been failed candidate for President. Her actual positive accomplishments in those stellar positions did not exactly warrant a statue in the Mall near Lincoln and Jefferson. Indeed, her resume was more like a rap sheet. Pathological dishonesty. Scandalgates galore. Enabler of Billy goat’s White House Bimbo Eruptions. Neo-con fellow traveler, war monger/cheerleader and coup coordinator. (Can you say: Iraq War. Libya. Honduras. Ukraine.) Shameless insatiable money-grubber: Dining for dollar$ from corporate crook$ and bank$ter$. Hustling (extorting?) million$ in “contribution$” for the Clinton Global Got Bucks Foundation from foreign countries doing business with the State Department. (Can you say: Private email server). Sabotaging the Bernie Sanders primary campaign. Talk about undermining our “precious democracy”!!!! All these known knowns about this awful candidate were simply re-enforced by the WikiLeaks release of thousands of embarrassing-for-being-true DNC and Clinton Campaign emails, exposing various Clinton shenanigans. So how does the worst candidate in history explain LOSING to the worst candidate in history? Putin ate my presidency! The entire Democratic Money Party that was likewise utterly vanquished in the election, have subsequently snatched up Hillary’s gigantic and historic deception and have been running with the fumble to the wrong end zone. Yelping hysterically: The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! Aided, abetted and cheered on by their irresponsible Amen Corner, the national media and with the connivance of Rogue Nation’s 17 intelligence (duh!) agencies (not to mention much of the ridiculous and despised GOP, who piggybacked on The Trump to dubious victory). Indeed, the Democratic Money Party, snouts long buried in the deep pockets of their Donor Class and utterly tone deaf, dumb and blind to the needs and desires of their gen pop constituency, have tumbled helter-skelter into such a profound state of alibi and denial it is borderline Crazy Eddie INSAAAANE!! Exceeding even the tawdry Monicagate “scandal” in frenzy and ersatz righteous indignation, the Dementedcrats and their fellow travelers, almost every day since the election, have cranked out evidence-free accusations and allegations of Putin-Trump criminality, conspiracy and treason with every (fake) news cycle. It has been the Obama is a Kenyan gambit multiplied exponentially. Except in this case, Putin has nukes. *** There are little white lies: “I love you baby” and “The check is in the mail.” There are big lies: “Climate change is a hoax!”. “Single payer health care is Communism/Socialism!” “Iran is the world’s #1 supporter/exporter of terrorism.” And there are zombie lies that never seem to die and keep coming back in different grotesque disguises: “Poland invaded Germany.” “The North Vietnamese attacked our ships in the Gulf of Tonkin.” “Saddam has WMDs.” “Putin invaded Crimea”. After months of relentlessly waterboarding The Trump with Putin! Putin! Putin!, his bitter and desperate political establishment torturers resurrected a recent trickeration that hadn’t worked the first time around on Obama. The Syrian arch-villain Pres. Bashar al-Assad poison-gassed his own people. And Putin helped him! OMG! OMG! Don’t just stand there, do something!! It was a grim echo of a 2013 false flag propaganda operation by the “rebel” side (i.e. al-Qaeda by various names and other assorted Sunni Muslim mercenaries) in the gruesome, seemingly endless, Syrian civil war. A never-officially-determined number of innocent men, women and children in a rebel-held Syrian village had been killed in an alleged sarin gas attack by the Syrian government. Supported by no “evidence” beyond a slick and shrill anti-Assad media blitz and some YouTube videos of dubious provenance, the incident was intended to shock and awe Obama into ordering US troops to invade that hapless long-suffering country and do the Saudi/Qatari/Turkish-funded “regime change” Sunni outlaws’ dirty work for them. The propaganda ploy failed on that occasion, due, ironically, to some fancy diplomatic footwork by none other than Vladimir Putin, the Syrian government’s longtime ally. With the agreement of the Obama White House, Putin convinced, cajoled, bribed (?) Bashar to give up all the chemical weapons in his arsenal to a UN agency. That was then. This is now. On the morning of April 4th, as if performing from a script, accompanied by a continuous dramatic loop of wobbly cell phone videos of dead babies and women frothing at the mouth, Breaking News! Breaking News! TV headlines breathlessly declared: “Bashar gasses his own people. Again.” As if on cue, with no true evidence but a culprit already teed-up, the usual talking heads and ex-military brass hats rushed onto the network and cable news shows crying crocodile tears for the victims in the videos and war-whooping against Bashar al-Assad, the new new Hitler. It was déjà vu all over again. Something pretty dreadful had occurred in another small rebel-held Syrian village in the middle of nowhere. Innocent men, women and children had died. Never mind there were no reliable witnesses, no independent investigation or chemical analysis underway, and not a single legitimate journalist within 100 miles of the scene. The Syrians and the Russians immediately denied they did it. Bashar had given up his chemical weapons 3 years ago. The government and their Russian allies were more or less already “winning” the brutal civil war. And only a week earlier the US Secretary of State had essentially taken “regime change” off the menu. But the Mighty Wurlitzer once cranked into action is not easy to turn off. President Twitter in the White House, who admitted during the election to getting most of his news and information from “the shows”, reportedly saw the Breaking News loop and was miraculously “converted” from the “Can’t we all get along with Russia?” guy to a neocon saber-rattler, as if channeling Hillary Clinton. He might have been watching the Zapruder film. Two nights later, doubtless after a briefing (“do this or else…”) from his tinpot generals, playing Commander-in-Chief on TV and adlibbing exaggeratedly a trait he had never been known to possess, empathy for the “beautiful dead babies”, he announced that 59 Tomahawk Cruise missiles had been launched in the direction of a Syrian airbase. And God bless America! In the New American Empire, it has become a Presidential tradition to solemnly declare we are about to bomb the crap out of a country we don’t like, in the name of democracy, freedom, human rights and free ice cream. Obama’s mellifluous baritone was ideal for that hypocritical purpose. George W tended to stumble over his words and giggle. For the reality TV alumnus, it was a brief, less than inspiring speech, sounding more like a cross between a hostage tape and baby talk. But it had the effect, at first blush, of temporarily disarming his yowling critics. The permanently deep state embedded neocon war mongers, Putin-crazed Dementedcrats and somber TV anchormen lauded the ersatz militaristic move. The “beautiful” dead babies loop was replaced with the “beautiful” rockets’ red glare loop. CNN know-it-all newsman Fareed Zakaria set the new tone by gushing, “(tonight) Donald Trump became president of the United States…a kind of interesting morphing…” In the next days, compared to the constant waterboarding he had endured, the narcissist in The Trump naturally responded to the approval and adulation. He tripled down on his saber-rattling. Threatening longtime bogeyman Iran, North Korea’s cartoon villain Kim Jung-Un and the Chinese, with a few gratuitous digs along the way at Putin. In a dizzying turnabout, he gave a public brohug to the criminal enterprise known as the EU and “undeclared” NATO irrelevant. For good measure, our never victorious military dropped a 21,000-lb “Mother Of All Bombs” on Afghanistan just to hear the boom. What now? America duly elected the candidate, who most resembled the loudmouth at the end of the bar yelling at the TV news, over the Anointed One, who had little to offer but more of the same old same old corruption and arrogance and not even entertainment value. But after months of near-national nervous breakdown over the election results, the legitimate 45th President of the United States, like him or lump him, has “morphed” into a POW. Prisoner of the Warmongers. Doomocracy in action. ****
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