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New I-601A Waiver Keeps Immigrant Families Together

Helena Santos entered the U.S. though the Mexican border in 2005. Years later she married an American citizen. They now have three children together. Helena’s husband took her to an immigration lawyer in order make her legal in the United States. To his surprise, he was told that because she entered the U.S. without a proper inspection, she could not receive her legal status in the U.S. She would have to go home to her country of birth, Brazil for the interview. As further complication, the lawyer informed the husband that his wife would not be able to return to the U.S. unless she remained out for 10 years. Devastated, the couple continued their search for an immigration attorney that could help them. They finally found one such attorney who explained to them that there is a special waiver called a 601A waiver, that would allow the wife to leave the U.S. for an interview and return a few weeks later with legal papers. According to Moses Apsan, Esq., past president for the Federal Bar Association for the New Jersey chapter, practicing in the field of U.S. immigration laws for the past 35 years, “there is a waiver called a Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver (601A) that has helped thousands of families since it was created in March 4, 2013.” As Attorney Apsan explains, “You can get legal status if you entered Illegally and married a U.S. Citizen or a Green Card Holder or you are the son or daughter of a lawful permanent resident, even, in some cases, if you were ordered deported.” Since 1997, the immigration laws became very strict, requiring spouses and children  of U.S. citizens and legal residents who entered the U.S. illegaly, to journey abroad and have an interview at the U.S. consulate, before they are permitted to return to the U.S. Prior to returning, they would request from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) a 601 waiver of inadmissibility. Without  a grant of of this waiver, the applicant would not be allowed return to the U.S. for a period of no less than three years. In most cases they are barred for 10 years. Even though they were entitled to apply for the waiver, they had to wait out of the U.S. until the waiver was granted, separating families for months and at times, years. In March of 2013, a new provisional illegal presence waiver (I-601A) was approved by executive order. The primary difference between the old 601 waiver and the new 601A waiver is that the application can be made while the undocumented immigrant remains in the U.S. The waiver procedure now permits eligible people to apply for a provisional unlawful presence waiver while they remain in the U.S. and before they travel for immigrant visa interview overseas. According to Moses Apsan, “once the waiver is approved and an interview is scheduled, you can be on your way back to the U.S. in as little as 3 weeks. Approximately 30 days later they arrive, the Green Card (legal residency status document), is received in the mail. The nightmare of being separated, is no longer a threat.”


A Brazilian Immigrant, living and working on Martha's Vineyard for 16 years, received a nearly undisputed victory from the U.S. Supreme Court this past Thursday. In the case of Pereira v. Session ,which involves a Brazilian native that did not receive a specific time and date to show up for a deportation proceeding. This decision has the potential to affect thousands of other immigrants living in the country without authorization and for those that have an order of deportation. In the 8-1 decision, overwhelming in favor of Wescley Fonseca Pereira against Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the court decided that if an unauthorized immigrant's "notice to appear" (this is the original charging document, something like a Summons) in immigration court fails to clearly state the specific date, time and place  that the non-citizen must appear in court, , then it's not a valid "notice to appear" and it doesn't stop the clock on the non-citizen's "continuous physical presence" in the U.S. In other word the original notice is defective and the court loses its jurisdiction over the case. Here's why this is important: If you're an immigrant residing in the U.S. without permission. a clock starts ticking the second you enter the U.S. If your clock reaches 10 years, then under various circumstances, you could be eligible to apply for what's called a 10-year cancellation of removal (the 10 year law). The government, however, has always said that once a "notice to appear" is issued, it activates what’s called a "stop-time" rule and this clock no longer accrues more time. On Pereira’s case, when he went to court, even though he had been here for more than 10 years he was unable to accumulated the required 10 years because the NTA was issued many years earlier and could not apply for Cancellation of Removal (the 10 year law) because of the "stop-time" rule. The Supreme court decision changed everything. The Court in Pereira said that if the original charging document (The NTA) is  not properly prepared, by including the date and time of the first hearing, it failed to give the immigration court jurisdiction over the case. And if the NTA is invalid, all notices that follow are also invalid. What his means is that if anyone has an order of deportation or removal, he or she should contact an immigration lawyer immediately, in order to reopen you case and help you too obtain your legal status in the U.S. This we could call a “once in a lifetime “ opportunity.


WHAT DEMOCRACY?? Pop quiz: Q: What is the definition of a camel? A: A horse put together by a committee Q: What do you call a country whose every word and deed emanating from its government institutions, political establishment, amen corner media and deep state intelligence (duh) community is a lie or a crime or both? A: The USA 2018 Q: What’s goin’ on? A: PutinGate: A mish-mosh of concocted, seemingly endless, evidence-free criminal accusations and political smears (see: previous Q & A) against President (believe it or not!) Trump and Putin/Russia that has been whipping up a tsunami of national hysteria and frothing at the mouth for almost two years. With no end in sight. -------- Recently, The NY Times, America's foremost journalistic malpracticer, inadvertently let the real PutinGate cat out of the bag. In its latest shameless effort to polish up 2 years of Deep State/FBI machinations and put more lipstick on this pig it published a long front page piece on the FBI’s previously top secret and constitutionally dubious “Operation Hurricane Crossfire” mounted against the hapless Trump presidential campaign back in early 2016. ( Reading the weasel words and between the lines, the piece revealed an almost John Le Carre-type Intelligence Agencies black op combined with a familiar standard-operating-procedure FBI crime creation/entrapment scheme (historical note: virtually every alleged terror plot the FBI has ever “uncovered” has actually been an FBI sting of some harmless, witless mugs set up by an FBI informant). Way before the 2016 election, even before Trump's nomination, doubtless at the instigation of Obama highups and the loathsome CIA thug-in-chief John Brennan, FBI and Intelligence Community contractors, cutouts, off-the-books British MI6 agents, informants and useful foreign stooges (Google: longtime CIA/FBI agent provocateur Stefan Halper, mysterious Maltese “academic” Joseph Mifsud, Australian Ambassador Alexander Downer and stooges to be named later) secretly and cynically trolled Trump presidential campaign flunkies (George Papadopolous, Carter Page and perhaps others including Trump’s own gullible sons) and illegally surveilled and manipulated the amateur, befuddled and overmatched Trump campaign with dangled hints and teaser suggestions of nefarious Russian election hi-jinx and cyber-hacking in order to trump up and bolster a contrived narrative that the despised Russian President Putin was actively attempting to interfere with our election and “destroy our precious democracy" (a focus grouped, well-massaged and constantly repeated mantra if ever there was one). At the time, no one on earth with a functioning brain could even imagine that Donald Trump, the preposterous, weirdly-coiffed, self-absorbed, politically ignorant, ex-reality TV star and sleazy NY real estate tycoon could/would actually be elected! Hillary, the Queen of You Owe Me, was a lock. A bought and paid for sure thing. So why bother with this cloak-and-dagger stuff? Truth be told, the sure loser Trump was merely the patsy for this devious intelligence op. The actual purpose was to fabricate a “trail of evidence" to later enable the war-mongering certain-to-be-elected President Hillary Clinton to declare Putin the devil incarnate, attack Russia and ultimately "regime change" the born again Evil Empire. It would be the final full monte rockets-red-glare climax to the neocons’ decades-long down-with-the-Commies wet dream. The Bush-Cheney mendacious “Saddam- has-WMDs” hustle revisited but without having to waterboard anyone to “confess”. From the moment at the Democratic Convention when Wikileaks released a treasure trove of Democratic National Committee emails revealing the dirty tricks and machinations engineered by Hillary and the DNC to derail Bernie Sanders’ more popular candidacy, her campaign apparatchiks and supporting posse of political pimps and coat carriers began a non-stop howl “Putin did it! Putin did it! Putin did it!” to distract and soften up the gen pop and drive home the pre-conceived “Message”. The theatrical hysterics increased to DefCon 1-level 2 days before the 2 nd Hillary v Trump debate in October with the “mysterious” release of a flood of embarrassing and unflattering (to say the least) emails about Hillary from her own campaign manager John Podesta’s email account! It was no coincidence that on that same day, for major attention distraction, Obama chimed in with a dose of White House anti-Putin gibberish and Hillary’s coven released the 11-year-old Access Hollywood tapes of Trump’s “pussypussypussy” interview. During the ensuing debate Hillary relentlessly & tediously banged on those two bass drums. But a funny thing happened on the way to that ultimate Putin/Russia "regime change" scheme. The worst candidate who ever lived LOST to the worst candidate who ever lived! Shock and awe! Hillary’s and her Dementedcrat Party supporters’ and allies’ heads exploded. Within days (hours?) of Trump’s election the dishonest and conniving Deep (doodoo) State trickeration was repurposed into a 2-fer: Press on with the concocted narrative that Putin is the new Hitler and “destroyer of our democracy” and, better still, “regime change” Trump! Alas for the future of “our precious democracy” (laugh track here), the legally elected but politically imbecilic and nincompoopish Trump has been intellectually incapable of coherently defending himself against this gigantic non-stop all-Establishment- encompassing Constitution-shredding regime change conspiracy except to furiously flail mostly ineffectual counterpunches at it. And (as the GOP Undead often do) ask the wrong questions (see: the long-winded GOP BenghaziBenghaziBenghazi probe. The dog that didn’t bark in that fruitless “investigation” was: What was Ambassador Christopher Stevens doing in Benghazi in the first place? The real answer would have exposed yet another dirty US intelligence op: secretly funneling Libya’s weapons stash to our ISIS “allies” arming up to wreck and “regime change” Syria. Or: In the mishandled secret Hillary emails probe -What was the real reason for Hillary’s secret garage server and off-the-books emails? Not to inadvertently pass along some minor government “secrets”. But to hide from any public scrutiny while Secretary of State her corrupt and illegal worldwide Clinton Foundation fundraising/extortion schemes with various foreign countries and favor-seekers.) The best Trump can do is to continually bemoan this current diabolical Establishment scheme against him as a Hoax! And a Witch Hunt! Which, of course, it is. For two years and counting this “regime change” insanity, like some Rube Goldberg contraption, has been pretzleizing itself almost incomprehensibly into the most head-scratching “investigation” in history. Legal malpracticer Robert Mueller, ex-FBI director and establishment hack, was hauled out of “retirement” to be “Special Council” (aka “prosecutor”), whose job is to stitch up a frame that would enable the dumb-struck Establishment to chuck Trump out and restore the old corrupt, morally corroded, money-grubbing system (that, incidentally, the gen pop loathes which is probably why more people DON’T vote than do). The sclerotic Dementedcrats and their berserk brain-blasted followers and supporters appear to have almost overnight lost their critical thinking faculties. “Trump is Hitler” and “PutinDidIt” they mumble constantly and cultishly. The GOP Undead mostly lay low, knowing the gen pop can’t stand them, but are able to retain their congressional “power” by riding the hated Trump’s coattails. Indeed, our entire Political, Justice and Intelligence Establishment has gone criminally insane. Fallen down a rabbit hole into impotent rage and utter irresponsible nonsense. Without a scintilla of actual “evidence” of Putin/Trump crookery ever being produced, the Intelligence (duh) Community, the Dementedcrats, their posse of sore losers and their national media amen corner, swap daily “leaks”, smears and lies from unknown sources, manufacture banner headlines with the words Trump and Russia in them and cheerlead for the hack Mueller as he “indicts” various Trump-related ham sandwiches and concocts “perjury traps” for Trump flunkies to step into out of fear or stupidity (or both) for which there is no underlying crime. An egregious example of this self-licking ice cream cone in operation is the notorious Steele “Dossier” (aka the “Piss Dossier”). Dossier is a fancy French word for a collection of information and papers on some specific subject or person. In this case a pack of lies and distortions, mixed with gossip and disinformation, supposedly relating to the Putin/Trump conspiracy and showing it was planned months if not years in advance to boost Trump and defeat Hillary. The “intelligence” Dossier was compiled (cooked up?) by Christopher Steele, a former Moscow-based British Intelligence (MI6) agent turned mercenary intelligence operator, with the help of old MI6 hands and perhaps some disgruntled ex-KGB agents. It was contracted by Hillary Clinton apparatchiks (!) and passed around the high reaches of the FBI, CIA and White House like a reefer of the most magical weed. Indeed, it would be considered the official playbook of the Putin/Trump conspiracy and fed to the secretive FISA Court to obtain surveillance and search warrants against Trump associates and, it seemed, anybody else with a Trump connection who ever ordered a Pastrami sandwich with Russian dressing (!). Among its sordid allegations was the prospect that Trump had been blackmailed and bribed years ago by the evil Putin during a trip to Russia to promote Trump real estate schemes. It described Trump and several Russian prostitutes sexually galivanting in the Presidential Suite at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton including water sports on the bed Obama had apparently slept in during a visit to Moscow. The Dossier also claimed Putin and Trump were in cahoots over the Wikileaks and Podesta emails. At first during the election, the Dossier was shopped around the media by the rabid Trump-hating old coot Sen. John McCain, but deemed too sordid and unsourced to publish. When Hillary lost and the new play was to “regime change” Trump, it was essential that the Dossier be quickly injected into the political bloodstream by hook or by crook. In a classic journalistic bankshot, highups in the FBI, CIA and NSA added their own notes and memos to the Dossier then two weeks before Trump’s inauguration “arranged” to have it officially given to President Obama and President-elect Trump, allegedly to “advise” them of its “explosive” contents (as if the Obama administration national security people didn’t already know!). FBI Director (at the time) James Comey later admitted that the real purpose of the move was to establish a “legitimate” news hook that would enable the amen corner media to overcome its “squeamishness” (integrity?) and rush to publish this important “news” about the Putin/Trump conspiracy. BuzzFeed, a web news operation, was already teed up to publish the next day and the rest of the national propaganda delivery devices rushed to follow. The contrived salacious unverified “intelligence” Dossier had magically been transformed from gossip to Gospel. Mission accomplished. If Trump even bothered to show up to be inaugurated on January 20th, he would immediately be impeached. But another funny thing happened, this time on the way to the disgruntled and “deplorable” Political, Intelligence and Media professionals’ scripted and choreographed Trump “regime change”. The bloviating, blustering, braggadocio, bad hairdoed, untrustworthy and untamable Establishment outsider and disruptor is still the President! OMG! --- Since the end of World War II, America (and, in fact, most of the world) has fallen under the rule of interconnected criminal enterprises, corrupt money harvesting global banksters, corporate cannibals, tech monsters, war sluts and bought-cheap politicians. The gen pop exists primarily to be conned, fleeced and manipulated. The Bonnie & Clyde Clinton, GW Bush/Cheney and Obama administrations working tirelessly on behalf of the Wall Street/War Street/ Washington DC Axis of Evil set a pretty low bar for corruption, dishonesty, general grubbiness and war crimes. Despite the 24/7 incoming barrage of name-calling, doom-predicting and general high-decibel yowling by the regime change schemers, the Trump administration, for all it’s incompetence, tone-deafness, race-mongering, noisey bully-pulpitting and continuing political maladroitness has not yet actually slithered beneath that low bar established by its over-rated but likewise ignominious predecessors. Indeed, far from being a politically sui generis, one-of-kind outlaw, Trump is actually just the latest iteration of America’s decades-long Presidential Reverse Darwinism. Without those other crooks, liars and con artists, there would surely be no President Trump now. But sooner or later there would be. In the meantime, media talking heads and propagandists continue their lunatic analysis, collective delusions and magical thinking, yakking to each other backwards and sideways, giggling and sniggering smugly, sanctimoniously and self-righteously. Making s**t up. The Intelligence (duh) Community continues doing what it does best, lying, conniving and attempting to subvert and overthrow governments (even our own, it seems) and the FBI continues to be Famous for Bungling Investigations. As for “our precious democracy”, if it still exists, the yowling lynch mob in hot pursuit of Trump, is certainly a sad example of it… ****

Stay Fashionable in the cold Winter

Every year when summer  ends and gloriously turns into fall, we become  excited to reinvent our wardrobe. Don’t misunderstand me I love the light flowing fashion that traditionally arrives with the warmer weather—but the cool, sharp breezes in the  autumn air just provides us so many new and different choices. But, when the inevitable happens and fall turns into winter,  Multiple layers become a necessity; no longer an option. The problem is that we start to run out of interesting cold weather outfits very quickly.But don’t worry. Just because it’s freezing outside, doesn’t mean we have to resign ourselves to forget style—what we have to do is to begin thinking creatively each morning as we get dressed.Open your mind’s eye and realize that , even during winter’s coldest day, you can still look attractive and trendy, Here, some of our top tips and combination tricks.Become a layering expert.Layering has alway been a winter trend.  It’s the most practical way to dress when it’s bitter cold. Now don’t worry about looking like an old maid. Pile on the layers. A turtleneck, under a warm sweater, under a simple jacket, and finally under a coat. Even if you wear a dress, wear it with with a air of slacks.  This is a better solution than wearing a pair of flimsy tights.Think creatively, for example, wear a pair of tights or sheer stockings under a pair of old jeans or layer a form-fitting sweater over a T-shirt.  And don’t forget the long johns.  It can be used for more that just a ski vacation2.  Finally it’s time to show off your boots that you’ve kept in the closet for so long.Having Great winter outfits really comes down to a magnificent pair of boots. Look for an awe-inspiring over-the-knee boot. Show them off, pairing them with a short dress. Have a grand ankle boots that  you want to be certain that everyone  gets to see it. Complete the outfit with cuffed jeans or a sexy dress. Now if it snows and you have to  wear less than fashionable snow boots? Use them as  the beginning of another fantastic winter outfit.   key.  Every item of clothing can be matched to make you look more glamorous, Creativity is the key putting together a great newly invented outfit, rather than just throwing on just anything. You can follow this links:Fashion TV


WASHINGTON — In the midst of a passionate political struggle about DACA, the program that protects from deportation young immigrants who, as children, were brought illegally to the United States, a federal judge in California, U.S. District Judge William Alsup in San Francisco issued a nationwide injunction this Tuesday directing the Trump administration to recommence the DACA program. Not something that the President desires. President Trump has made attacking illegal immigration a top priority in his agenda. A fundamental part of Trump’s modus operandi is his decision to terminate the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA), which the president and his followers call an obvious instance of executive overreach. Trump’s determination to eliminate DACA was toppled late Tuesday, when U.S. District Judge William Alsup in San Francisco said that the nearly 690,000 DACA recipients must retain their work permits and protection from deportation while a lawsuit challenging the move to terminate the program goes forward. Judge Alsup held that the government must resume renewal of DACA and work authorizations for all immigrants who had been granted DACA status the status prior to Sept. 5, however, he also opined that the federal government could deny them the right to return to the United States if they travel abroad, even with the governments permission. Additionally, the judge said the government did not have to accept new applicants. Judge Alsup said that the plaintiffs had established that they were likely to succeed on their claims that the Trump administration’s cancellation of the nearly six-year-old program was “capricious,” and that the states, employers and tech companies including the immigrants themselves, had much to lose if the administration was wrong. The Department of Homeland Security has been silent on whether it would begin renewing work permits, notwithstanding Alsup’s order to do so. To date, no guidance regarding renewal of DACA has been issued on its website. As expected Democrats and Republicans met again Wednesday to try and sort out the details of an agreement that would decide the fate of young people protected by DACA. Sen. Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.) at the meeting in his office attempted to follow up on the reunion with Trump. This group has been in deliberations for many months in anticipation of coming up with an agreement that could garner the 60 votes required to overcome procedural hurdles in the narrowly divided Senate. The fate of dreamers is “hanging out there with great uncertainty,” Durbin told reporters. “Whether it’s by the president’s announcement or a court decision, it’s time for us to meet the president’s challenge and to create a law that solves this problem.” Immigration lawyers also differed on whether dreamers should renew their status now. Some suggested that immigrants file an application to get their foot in the door while the judge’s ruling is pending. But others said they risked losing the hefty application fee and worried that some immigrants would fall prey to fraud.
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New I-601A Waiver Keeps Immigrant Families Together News Agency

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Stay Fashionable in the cold Winter News Agency

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Stay fashionable in the cold winter News Agency

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Immigrant Facebook Users BEWARE News Agency

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Silicon Valley Giants join fight to save DACA News Agency

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