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Mayor RAS J. BARAKA, The Office of Comprehensive Community Education, and The City of Newark will spotlight education from april 28 through may 2 with five events in city

Mayor Ras J. Baraka and the Office Comprehensive Community Education will spotlight education with five events in the city: On Tuesday, April 28 at 6pm, Mayor Baraka will speak at the Regular Newark Public School Board meeting at Louise A. Spencer Elementary School, located at 66 Muhammad Ali Avenue. At the meeting, Mayor Baraka will deliver remarks on the One Newark Plan, community schools, turn-around schools, and special education. On Wednesday, April 29 from 6pm to 8pm Mayor Baraka will be joined by education leaders for Mayor Baraka’s third Town Hall meeting at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center that will focus on education issues in Newark. On Friday, May 1 at 11am at City Hall, the Office of Comprehensive Community Education and Mayor Baraka will welcome the Journey for Justice Alliance as they host their 1st Annual National Organizing Conference in Newark to highlight the shared impacts of current educational reform in Newark and cities across the country. On Friday, May 1 at 6:30pm Mayor Baraka will deliver the keynote address at the Journey for Justice’s 1st Annual National Organizing Conference. The three-day conference will be held at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel at Newark Airport, located at 128 Frontage Road. On Saturday, May 2 at 6pm The Mayor’s Office of Comprehensive Community Education and the Alliance for Newark Public Schools will tell the “Newark Story” at an off-site visit for attendees at the Journey for Justice 1st Annual National Organizing Conference. The site will be disclosed at the opening of the conference.   “There are few things more important than a child’s education, and we are determined to ensure that every child in Newark does, indeed, learn. As a Newark educator for more than 22 years, I have seen lives under my stewardship as Central High School Principal achieve and fail in the crucible of our society. Too many young people have fallen through cracks that should never have existed in the first place, too many more have simply never been given the resources they need, and have been defeated by life. These lives and their stories are why I support we are hosting these events and have committed our City to doing so,” said Mayor Baraka.       For more information, contact the Press Information Office – (973) 733-8004.   E-mail:

The unauthorized practice of law

The unauthorized practice of law in New Jersey is a crime under 2C:21-22. However, the prosecution and punishment of this crime is rarely enforced. The Supreme Court of New Jersey and the prosecutors’ office are, in theory, supposed to prosecute those crimes. In reality, these “practices” are not prosecuted unless fraud is involved. Fraud deriving from practice of law will only be prosecuted if it has been performed systematically. In order for the fraud to be detected, a high amount of immigrants or defrauded persons have to report a particular person or entity at the same time. Thus, in New Jersey, there are many people and entities whose are neither qualified nor licensed actively engaging in what is called among lawyers Unauthorized Practice of Law without impunity. These are the “so called” “notarios”, “consultants”, “professors” or “tax preparers.” These criminals are most often under-qualified, lie about their credentials and do not have degrees of any kind and do not compare to a highly trained and learned juris doctor. The City of Newark has unfortunately become a paradise for fraudsters practicing law without a license. Once known as a “sanctuary city” for immigrants to live and work, it has become a “paradise” for the one who defrauds them. Many of the fraudulent cases against illegal immigrants go unreported, because illegal immigrants are usually too afraid to make a complaint or press charges. In addition, a lot of Americans believe that going to a non-lawyer is cheaper and less cumbersome than going to a real qualified lawyer. It is a myth that “notaries”, paralegals, travel agencies, “professors” and “legal consultants” can save you a few bucks: in reality, many of them charge more than attorneys since they do not have to follow the lawyer’s price guidelines. There are many advantages of using an attorney: First, an attorney can be checked to see whether he or she is licensed to practice. Behind that license, there are years of high training in a law school and passing the bar exam, a gruesome and difficult exam used to ensure lawyers who passed have a minimum of competency to handle any legal matters. Non-attorneys have never been tested nor approved. Non-lawyers lack almost entirely any knowledge of substantive and procedural laws, and go by their “best guess”. Second, with a true lawyer, a person has the right to ask for the attorney’s license number and credentials. Lawyers can nowadays be easily verified online and searched to see whether they have been suspended, disbarred etc. Non-lawyers don’t have any credentials and many often lie or exaggerate their credentials. Some of these non-lawyer criminals often state that they have credentials “in their country.” These foreign diplomas are harder to be checked by the average immigrant and some “credentials” are often faked. Third, a good lawyer has a motive in keeping his license in good standing and the pride to provide services under a high level of ethical and skillfulness: years of study, hard work, and personal sacrifice. Attorneys are highly regulated by the Supreme Court, unlike the non-licensed person. Thus, with a true lawyer, there is a high level of accountability, whereas with a non-lawyer there is not. Finally, a true experienced lawyer can give the client a fair and accurate prediction of the outcome of the case, without making any guarantees. Non-lawyers practicing law generally make glorious promises which they absolutely will not honor, since all they want is to take the client’s money regardless of any outcome. In fact, going to these legal “consultants” is more or less like going to a casino: you’ll lose your money and seldom achieve the results you wanted. With an experienced lawyer he or she can at least tell you a probability to win or lose your case. With a lawyer is more like playing chess than Russian roulette. With someone unauthorized to practice law, you are playing Russian roulette. Another problem is that “cutting corners” and using a non-lawyer to do your legal work is detrimental to the local economy. Attorneys, like anyone else, need clients to support themselves and their families, pay their student loans etc. Going to a non-lawyer causes a terrible economical unbalance in the community. It weakens the amount of competition amongst lawyers in the community because many of them move away to areas where their services are sought and appreciated. This actually lowers the quality of the legal services offered by the lawyers in that particular area. In addition, most lawyers pay taxes and are highly scrutinized by the IRS, whereas these “tax preparers” and “notarios” do not pay taxes or under-report their gains, so the local economy and the community suffers. A well-known quotation from William Shakespeare’s play Henry VI, Part 2 says: “Let’s kill all the lawyers.” This quotation has a complex meaning subject to hundreds of interpretations. In fact, it has been interpreted to be in praise of the lawyers, in their honor, showing that without lawyers a civilized system would collapse. In Newark, the Ironbound, and all other areas in New Jersey, legal consultants and “notarios” are doing just that what Shakespeare stated: killing all the lawyers; killing them all economically and professionally. Many authorities, prosecutors and politicians do nothing regarding such a shameful situation. In the end, however, the private citizen or the immigrant looking for a good lawyer is the one who ends up legally “dead.” And the local economy and the legal profession is the one that suffers.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 15, 2015 - NYC - The Art and Fashion Design  Club at FIT is hosting  a Premier Fashion Runway show at 6 p. m. April 16, 2015 in the Great Hall. Twenty-five creative young fashion designers will showcase their talents and cutting-edge designs Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) is a  internationally prominent  college of design, fashion, art, communications, and business. Fit's  stated mission is to prepare students for professional excellence in design and business.  The teaching staff at FIT assists in the student's in developing innovative design and strategic business solutions that will create personal and professional opportunity. This effort  focuses on creativity and experimentation that is the foundation for a successful design. This year, about 25 student designers will have  their creation highlighted in this runway event. Stephanie Ali, president and Veronica Apsan, vice president of the Art and Fashion Design Club will serve as master of ceremonies for the late afternoon show. This year's theme is Kabuki meets La Belle Époque; which corresponds  to the college's desire for students to cross traditional boundaries of both geography and disciplines. Perhaps a unique aspect of the show is that it produced solely by students and faculty of the Art and Fashion Programs. Every facet of the show from Poster design to the choreography of the models is orchestrated by members of the Art and Fashion Design Club. Two FIT mentors and a Brazilian Fashion Designer will serve as judges: Legendary designer George Simonton a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Known for using fabulous fabrics, sophisticated silhouettes, and distinctive details, and Fashion Designer and Full-Time Professor and the Head Designer/Owner at Christopher Uvenio Collezioni, and author of the cutting edge and fashionable,; and Brazilian Fashion Designer Simone Rodrigues.  Her Designs are inspired by nature and rendered in warm tones focused on accentuating a womans unique beauty and sensuality with classic elegance regardless of age or size.  What: FIT's first student Fashion Runway Show When: Thursday, April 16, 2015 Where: The Great Hall             Fashion Institute of Technology             Seventh Avenue at 27 Street             New York City     For more info contact: the Vice President of the Club: Veronica Apsan on Facebook

A Cure for the “Shopping Visa?”

USCIS announced on February 24th that they’re going to extend the eligibility for employment authorization to certain H-4 visa dependent spouses. An H-4 dependent spouse is the husband or wife of someone who holds an H1-B employment visa. The H4 Visa The H-4 visa has traditionally been considered useless except that it allowed spouses to be physically present in the U.S. This is because it does not allow the spouse to work and therefore has been nicknamed the “Shopping Visa.” Essentially, if you get an H1-B visa, you have up to 6 years to work for your employer, or other employers if you change sponsors, but unless your spouse changes from the H-4 to another visa that allows them to work, they literally have their hands tied as far as being able to find gainful employment. This has been problematic because it discourages married couples from coming to the U.S. under the H-1B category. A Change in Policy USCIS recently announced that in specific instances they were going to start allowing spouses holding H-4 visas to apply for employment authorization. It is a very technical situation, but applies when their spouses have been approved for an I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, and have extended their visas past the usual limit of 6 years. There are very limited situations where this actually applies. It is helpful for foreign nationals who are from countries with long backlogs on immigrant visa processing, most notably India and China, where many H-1B visa holders originate from. What this means is that for six years as an H-4 visa holder there is nothing that can be done to work, unless the H-4 visa holder independently qualifies for an employment visa. Filing Petitions for Work Authorization On May 26th, USCIS is expected to begin accepting petitions for work authorization. According to the estimates on the website, there are potentially as many 180,000 people who will apply. In a lot of cases however, the H1-B visa holders are not sponsored by their employers, or don’t have anyone that’s sponsoring them for a green card. In these cases, the Form I-766 will not apply. If you are the spouse of an H1-B visa holder and have questions regarding your eligibility to get a work authorization, or if you do not want to wait six years with the “shopping visa,” and are interested in studying, training or working, there are plenty of alternative visa options for you. In that case, it is recommended that you speak with an experienced immigration attorney to guide you through your options.


New York 4/13/2015 - New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio declared today that an alliance of cities and counties filed a friend-of-the-court brief in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in the Texas vs. United States lawsuit in favor of President Obama’s executive orders and petitioning the Court  to immediately  carry  out  President Obama’s executive orders on immigration. Bill de Blasio and his counterpart, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti  coordinated Cities United for Immigration Action, by rallying support of cities and counties across the United States. They were joined by the National League of Cities and U.S. Conference of Mayors. Obama’s  executive actions, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DAPA) and Deferred Action for Parents of American and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA) would suspend deportation for approximately 5 million people. According to the group the argument in the “friend-of-the-court” brief is  that by blocking the implementation of the orders would result in  serous injury to local governments, is not good for families, destroys current  law enforcement priorities and stops  “desperately needed changes” to federal immigration policy. Mayor Bill de Blasio said the  “continuing to delay implementation of the President’s executive action on immigration hurts our economy and puts families at risk…cities are where immigrants live, and cities are where the President’s executive action will be successfully implemented. Our cities are united, and we will fight for the immigration reform this nation needs and deserves – whether in the courtroom, in Congress, or in our communities. Make no mistake about it: our voices will be heard.” A significant number of  cities and counties aligned themselves with today’s brief are situated in states that originally commenced the lawsuit against the Obama administration or have clearly supported the lawsuit.  These cities and counties include five cities in Texas, six in New Jersey, three municipalities in Wisconsin and two counties in Arizona, and. The cities and counties that signed on to the brief are listed below. Alexandria, VA Allentown, PA Atlanta, GA Austin, TX Baltimore, MD Bell, CA Boston, MA Bridgeport, CT Buffalo, NY Cambridge, MA                Central Falls, RI Chapel Hill, NC Charleston, SC Chicago, IL Coconino County, AZ Columbia, SC Columbus, OH Dallas County, TX Dayton, OH Denver, CO Dolton, IL El Paso County, TX Everett, MA Gary, IN Haledon, NJ Hartford, CT Highland Park, IL Hoboken, NJ Holyoke, MA Houston, TX Jersey City, NJ Kansas City, MO Little Rock, AR Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles County, CA Lucas County, OH Madison, WI Milwaukee, WI Minneapolis, MN Montgomery County, MD Newark, NJ New York, NY Niagara Falls, NY North Miami, FL Oakland, CA Paterson, NJ Philadelphia, PA Pittsburgh, PA Plainfield, NJ Portland, OR Providence, RI Racine, WI Ramsey County, MN Rochester, NY Salt Lake City, UT San Francisco, CA San Jose, CA Santa Ana, CA Santa Cruz County, AZ Santa Fe, NM Santa Monica, CA Schenectady, NY Seattle, WA Skokie, IL St. Louis, MO State College, PA Syracuse, NY Tacoma, WA Tampa, FL Travis County, TX Washington, D.C. West Covina, CA Yonkers, NY National League of Cities U.S. Conference of Mayors U.S. Representative Carolyn Maloney said “I applaud Mayor de Blasio for working with cities across the nation to support President Obama’s executive actions on immigration” State Senator Leroy Comrie of New York said  “ Not only is it in our best interest to immediately implement the President's platform for immigration reform, but it is the socially and morally responsible thing to do.”
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