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Brazilian Heritage Exhibition At Newark City Hall

Mayor Ras J. Baraka, The Newark Municipal Council, Brazil’s Minister Of Tourism, Henrique Eduardo Alves, And Ambassador Ana Petersen, Consul-general Of Brazil In New York,Will Kick-off Week-long “brazilian Heritage Exhibition” At Newark City Hall On Tuesday, August 25, 2015, 2:30 PmExhibition Presented By Jose Moreira, Ceo And Producer Of The Brazilian Festival In Newark, And Silvana Magda, Brazil In New York Ceo, Will Celebrate The Rich Culture Of Brazil Through Live Music, Dance, And Dialog And Artifacts. Newark, NJ –- August 24, 2015 — Mayor Baraka, the Newark Municipal Council, Brazil’s Minister Of Tourism, Henrique Eduardo Alves, and Ambassador Ana Petersen, Consul-General Of Brazil in New York, will kick-off the week-long “Brazilian Heritage Exhibition” at Newark City Hall on Tuesday, August 25, 2015, 2:30 p.m. at City Hall, 920 Broad Street, in Newark.   The exhibition will highlight the diverse culture and traditions of Brazil with traditional costumes, live music, dance presentations, arts and crafts, and cuisine.    Newark is home to one of the largest Brazilian-American communities in the United States.   Who:             Mayor Ras J. Baraka Newark Municipal Council Members Henrique Eduardo Alves, Brazil’s Minister of Tourism Ambassador Ana Petersen, Consul-General of Brazil In New York Silvana Magda, CEO, Brazil in New York Jose Moreira, CEO and Producer, Brazilian Festival in Newark   What:            Will kick-off week-long Brazilian Heritage Exhibition at Newark City Hall   When:           Tuesday, August 25, 2015 2:30 pm.   Where:          Newark City Hall Rotunda 920 Broad Street   MEDIA NOTES:        Parking is available on nearby streets and lots.

Court Orders Prompt Release of Immigrant Children from Family Detention

PRESS RELEASE   August 24, 2015 Washington, D.C. - The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and the American Immigration Council (Council) welcome a decision released Friday evening by U.S. District Judge Dolly Gee in Flores v. Lynch, No. 85-04544 (C.D.Ca.), which ruled that children should generally be released from detention within five days—preferably to a parent, including a parent with whom they were apprehended. The government must implement the Court’s ruling by October 23, 2015. “There is no denying that the government has breached the Flores settlement agreement. The status quo is unacceptable, and the government must take immediate and dramatic steps to end family detention,” said Victor Nieblas Pradis, AILA President. “Our CARA Project* staff and volunteers submitted numerous declarations to the Court showing how the government is still detaining accompanied minors in secure, unlicensed facilities. It can no longer hide from the American people the ugly truth of how it treats children fleeing persecution,” said Nieblas. “Just as striking is how the Court condemned the ‘deplorable’ conditions in temporary border jails. They do not meet even minimal standards for safe and sanitary conditions,” said Nieblas. “This decision will bolster our efforts to end the inhumane practice of detaining children and their mothers,” according to Melissa Crow, Legal Director of the American Immigration Council. “The Court chastised the government for ‘unnecessarily dragging their feet’ in releasing children from family detention facilities and for repeating the same arguments they had raised in earlier briefing, which she had already rejected. Judge Gee also scoffed at government warnings that the swift release of children and mothers could spur another mass migration of Central American families, characterizing them as ‘speculative at best, and, at worse, fear mongering.’” Crow added, “Although the Court gives the government some latitude to exceed the five-day limit ‘in the event of an emergency or influx of minors into the United States,’ the decision emphasizes that this should be the exception, not the rule. It’s time for the government to stop making excuses and harming innocent children and their mothers.” “AILA and the Council will be watching every step the government takes. We expect it to follow this federal court’s order with no less zeal than it did obeying the Texas district court’s DAPA decision,” said Nieblas, referring to the extraordinary efforts the government made to comply with the injunction against the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents process and the planned expansion of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) process. The recent ruling in Flores follows from a July 24, 2015, decision, in which the Court concluded that the government was in violation of the terms of the original Flores settlement, which was intended to ensure the proper care of children in immigration custody. In July, the Court had ordered the government to release children subject to the settlement agreement, but gave the government an opportunity to respond to the Court’s ordered remedy. The government’s response fell far short. Press inquiries, please contact: George Tzamaras, American Immigration Lawyers Association, 202-507-7649, Wendy Feliz, American Immigration Council, 202-507-7524, *CARA is a pro bono project serving the mothers and children detained in Karnes City and Dilley, Texas. The partners in this project are CLINIC, the American Immigration Council, RAICES, and AILA.

 Today we’re going to talk about the E-2 visa and how it applies to franchises. As we’ve talked about in previous articles, the E2 visa allows foreign investors to set up a U.S. company, invest in that company, and obtain a visa to run the company for up to 5 years with unlimited renewals, as long as the business is functioning and creating/maintaining jobs. There are lots of people who are trying to come to the U.S. and want to start a business. When a foreign national comes in to start anew business, the government has no idea if that business is going to be successful or create any jobs. Franchising, however, is a natural fit for the E-2 visa because the government sees a franchise as a proven system and a more reliable business model than a startup that is unknown to them. The most important thing about a franchise is that it incorporates employees.  It can be any scale from 2 to 200, i.e. whatever number of employees are necessary for that specific location to function, to generate revenue and be successful. So once a foreign national has made the decision to purchase a franchise, they will create jobs which is the most important element of the E-2 visa application.  When they want to renew their E-2 visa, the most important factor that’s taken into consideration is whether they have or haven’t created and maintained jobs. So, the franchise is not only the great American  business model but it’s also the ideal business model for E-2 investors. Which franchise should they select? There are consulting firms available that help prospective franchisees. They work with individuals who are thinking about being entrepreneurs and/or franchisees. They sit and get to know the individuals: – Assess their skills and experience – Discuss their goals – Investigate their interests – Research the financial picture – Determine their preferences Once the assessment is done, these specialized firms help point them in the right direction, finding the right fit, from skill set to investment level to the kind of support they want, and matching them with franchises that are out there and coaches them through the entire process. Everyone knows the big franchises: McDonald’s, Starbucks, etc. What is important to point out is that there are great franchises out there that most people have never heard of, but they have phenomenal systems in place for prospective franchisees. Franchising is great for E-2 investors because of these strong and proven systems that clients are buying when they buy the franchise. The name brand really doesn’t matter. The franchise system will provide answers to: – What’s the marketing plan? – What about the sales plan? – What about operations? – What about accounting? – How does everything work? Franchising is a proven product. It’s been done by the home office, and it’s been done by other franchisees. Some franchises may have only 2 franchisees, while others have thousands. This means the E-2 investor has a whole support network in place to help grow their business. It also means that, since these businesses depend on manpower, jobs will be created, thus meeting the most important criteria in visa qualification. The E-2 visa is perfect because essentially the foreign national signs a franchise agreement with the franchise of their choice, pays the franchise fee and then can choose the location where they want to reside. So if the foreign national wants to live in, let’s say Pompano Beach, Florida, or the west coast of Florida, or northern California, or the badlands of North Dakota, they can find a franchise that, having already done the research and knowing that it should be profitable, wants to expand to that area. The most important step is to choose the right franchise through a franchise broker, and then to make sure to work with the right immigration attorney to structure the purchase and set up the business in a way that will qualify for the E-2 visa. For questions about franchises, please e-mail: For any immigration questions, please e-mail:

The Cleansing of 46th Street 2015

It's July 2015 and I know that most are wondering how credible are the rumors that are being circulated, regarding our annual event of the cleansing of the street that takes place on the Brazilian Day weekend. As a result of some unfortunate incidents, LAVAGEM as we all know it will not be taking place this year; however, I have great News to share with you. Behind every dark cloud, there is a SILVER LINING.  We have been working very hard on a scaled down version of the LAVAGEM. Thanks to Marta Moreno Vega and the Caribbean Cultural Center who made this entire event possible. This event will be taking place at the LINCOLN CENTER Outdoor Plaza on August, 2, 2015 at 7 PM. Please come out and experience the same excitement and camaraderie that we have shared throughout the years, in promoting the culture that we all embrace and value highly.

Go Greece! Gone Greece!

Greece gave the world Democracy.  Germany gave the world Blitzkreig and the Holocaust. Who ya gonna root for in the current fight-to-the-death, hellbound-for-disaster European Union financial cage match? Ever since the European Union launched the Euro as their common currency in 1999 and particularly since the globalized robber baron banksters nearly crashed the world’s economy with their monumental cons, frauds and trickerations in 2007/8, the German dumpling, Der Führeress…uh… Chancellor Angela Merkel, and her Deutsche Bank, IMF, ECB and EC financial storm troopers have been re-fighting World War II across Europe and so far getting a different result as they politically pulverize and economically povertize Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy and now Greece in pursuit of every last Euro rolling across the ground. This is the Shock Doctrine On Steroids…On Steroids!  An economic/financial war crime in progress! The EU was misconceived from the start.  In a sense it was a unicorn, a fantasy, based on a world that existed in 1959.  But that world barely survived ’til the mid-60s.  By the 21st century it was lost in the amnesia of history. As for the Euro, it was always a scam by which the re-united powerhouse Germany and the gnomes/Eichmanns of Berlin, Frankfurt and Brussels could financially hamstring, drown in debt and loot the rest of Europe. Austerity was the main feature of this diabolical concoction not a bug. It was designed to be the WMD (weapon of massive debt) to be “debtonated” across Europe.  Followed by the helter-skelter plundering of those debt-blasted countries’ assets by the cannibal capitalist cabal.  Ka-Boom!  In order to join the Eurozone in 2001, the right wing Greek government paid the financial world’s giant vampire squid, Goldman Sachs, around $730 million to cook Greece’s fiscal books.  Using the financial alchemy of concocted securities and dodgy currency swaps, they made it look like Greek debt was less than it actually was.   Once officially in the EU club, the bandit banksters of Frankfurt, Brussels, Paris and Wall Street, ostensibly “loaned” Greece $billions to buy a heap of born-to-lose toxic derivatives and other poisonous securities and bonds, all ticking debt bombs, being peddled around the globe promising interest rates too good to be true.  By the time these WMDs “debtonated” on Greece in 2010, the hapless country was $340 billion in debt to the international loan sharks, who were demanding repayment in full even as the real world was facing financial chaos. Of course, it wasn’t the Greek people, the working stiffs, shop keepers, teachers, tour guides, policemen and bazouki taverni waitresses who borrowed all that moolah.  It was the Greek millionaires, oligarchs, tax cheats, media moguls, shipping magnates and corrupt government officials, not to mention all the banks who padded their books with fake profits and the global hedge funds betting with the house’s money.. While the wolves of Wall Street were being saved from the catastrophe of their own rapacious and criminal devising with a massive injection of $17 trillion in free taxpayers’ money, the European financial cabal proposed to bail out Greece (they were performing the same slight-of-hand trickeration on Ireland, Spain and Portugal).  In fact, it was a con that would make the most villainous old time Mafia loan shark blush with embarrassment (or jealousy). The criminal cohort of unprincipled European finance ministers, unscrupulous banksters, bellowing bond traders and hedge fund hooligans ponied up the money to pay themselves back on Greece’s account (essentially a giant bank-to-bank money laundering scheme with hardly even a wooden nickel for the Greek people) in exchange for Greek economic and political “reforms”  that would essentially throw the country into a 1930s depression - massive unemployment, increasing poverty, severely reduced pensions, busted labor unions, greatly diminished public services like health care and education and a firesale selloff (to themselves and their international investor cronies) of every valuable state asset from the port of Piraeus, the Post Office and (probably) the Parthenon to state industries, infrastructure and the Aegean/Mediterranean shoreline.  Old time plunder, pillage, poverty and slavery renamed Austerity. In early July this year the European financial vampires were demanding yet more blood from Greece’s nearly drained cadaver.  Alexei Tsipras, the 41-year-old Greek Prime Minister and leader of SYRIZA, a sort of social democratic political party that had booted out the old thieving, tax-dodging conservative oligarch politicians in January, defaulted on a $1.6 billion debt payment due and called a surprise referendum.  The Greek people would have a vote on whether they wanted to continue to be economically mauled and blackmailed by Brussels and Berlin.   The result was a big fat Greek vote of “OXI”.  NO!  61% to 39%.   Democracy in action!  Eeeek! The banksters went berserk! The IMF, ECB and EC (the Terrible Troika) put the stressed and almost insolvent Greek banks in a chokehold and declared the end of the world for Greece was nigh.  The German Finance Minister bloviating with venomous condescension and the Big Dumpling herself armored with the haughty smugness of self-righteous moral superiority suggested international suicide for the deadbeat country: Grexit.  Greece abandoning the Euro and leaving the EU.  If only… After a week of sturm und drang, breathless consultations and an alarmist and inflammatory media propaganda campaign by the Troika and their co-conspirators, Prime Minister Tsipras turned out to be rather less heroic than Achilles but no less vulnerable. He agreed to an extended bailout “deal” even worse than the one the Greek referendum resoundingly rejected.  Greece could remain in the Eurozone and the EU but strapped into an even tighter debt straightjacket and obliged to gulp down an even bigger cup of the poisonous hemlock of Austerity.  A modern Greek tragedy. This is inevitably what happens when the vast bulk of the world’s economy is not based on serving or benefiting the public welfare nor on the production of anything useful to society – food, clothing, housing, sound infrastructure, industrial production, construction, manufacturing and accompanying services – but instead is based on harvesting money through massive frauds, deception, thievery, cooked books & crooked accounting, tax dodging, bribery, extortion, rigged markets, insider trading, blackmail, flim-flam propaganda, financial conspiracies and death by debt.  It was, perhaps, a forlorn hope that Greece could give the world another lesson in Democracy.  Alas, it may now take surviving a financial $iege of $talingrad to reach a turning point against the Panzer onslaught of this brutal, arrogant, greedy and pathologically corrupt cabal of vulture banksters and cannibal capitalists. Until then…En Garde, France!!!   *****      
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