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FRANCISCO DE ASSIS – A Life Lesson: A challenging Film

By Micki Mihich Francisco de Assis Domingos, 55, lost his sight at 25 while hunting.  He was hit by lead pellets from a shotgun accidentally fired by a friend.  Francisco’s story forms the basis of the new film by Brazilian filmmaker Yves Goulart, born in Urussanga, in southern Santa Catarina, in the same hometown as the protagonist.  “I remember that accident very well,” recalls Goulart, who heard that story as a child.  “The whole neighborhood was shocked.  It was also the first time I saw a disabled person walking with a cane in the street.”  Goulart couldn’t have imagined that the story that so touched his childhood would be told by himself years later through cinema. But to tell this story, Goulart mixes styles ​​and challenges pre-established formats by using both fiction and documentary within the same work.  Francisco’s past, from his birth up to his accident and blindness, from the moment he realizes his life is changed forever to the moment he accepts his disability and starts using a cane, is told under a fictional format, with actors playing real characters.  From there on the film moves into documentary and we have Francisco himself and the people who are part of his life speaking directly to us.  “It's like Francisco seeing the world through a fictional point of view before becoming blind and, after he’s blind and aware of the new challenges and limitations, he starts seeing the world through a real point of view,” says Goulart. Not only does the mixture of styles ​​give the film a unique identity: all scenes were shot in locations where the story took place, thus infusing the project with the energy of the sites.  Francisco himself couldn’t hold back tears while listening to the actors’ voices during the shooting of the accident scene.  With his back to the set, he ended up covering his ears not to relive the painful memories of the past.  The participation of Francisco’s family members as actors also gave the film a unique authenticity.  Adriano Domingos, 25, who played his father, reveals that he took this opportunity as a way to learn his father’s story: “I was born after the accident and never asked why it brought him bad memories.  The script made ​​me understand many things about life and especially what really happened on that day.” The project took four years to be completed and counted on the collaboration of filmmaker Micki Mihich, who was brought on board to build the film narrative for the script and editing.  “Goulart knew exactly what the first part of the story, the fictional one, would look like.  But the documentary part was different,” says Mihich.  “There are several ways you can tell a documentary story and he was trying to find the ideal one.  Francisco’s story is epic and special, and Goulart wanted to make a film to reflect this.  By watching and getting familiar with the material, I identified a huge similarity of Francisco's life with the Hero's Journey, also known as the Monomyth by Joseph Campbell.  We decided to follow this path and everything fit together very well.” “Epic” and “special” are adjectives that do not exaggerate when used to describe Francisco de Assis Domingos’s story.  How many people do you know who are masseurs, bocce champions, radio presenters, country music singers and composers and motivational  speakers?  And all at the same time? And after becoming blind? This is just an example of what Francisco de Assis – A Life Lesson has to show – and teach – the viewer.  A story full of humor and emotion, tragedy and overcoming, sin and redemption.  Francisco de Assis – A Life Lesson is one of those stories that are hard to believe happened, but they did – and we have a lot to learn from it.

Obama is furious at Republicans that Purposely caused a Comprehensive Immigration Bill to Fail

President Obama is angry. Following a year of trying to convince Congress to pass an immigration reform law, President Obama vented his fury today in a scorching White House speech, saying it's time for him to act alone on the issue. "The failure of House Republicans to pass a darn bill is bad for our security, it's bad for our economy and it's bad for our future," he said. "If Congress won't do their job, at least we can do ours." Obama explained that he would begin with refocusing immigration enforcement on the Mexican border  following an avalanche of children illegally crossing the Mexican border from Central America. "I take executive action [order] only when we have a serious problem, a serious issue, and Congress chooses to do nothing," Obama said. "And in this situation, the failure of House Republicans to pass a darn bill is bad for our security, it's bad for our economy and it's bad for our future." The president's declaration comes two years after he circumvented Congress to modify administration policy for young people who have lived in the U.S. since before the age of 16, among other requirements. The president's 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals executive order directed immigration officials to desist deportation of young people who had lived in the U.S. continuously since 2007 and had no criminal record. Republicans claim is was Obama’s unilateral action in creating DACA that has led to the present humanitarian crisis on America's Mexican border. Unaccompanied minors have been slipping through our border ever since DACA went into effect.

The DACA Renewal Process: How it works.

June 6, 2014 - Washington D.C. On this day, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) informed the public of its’ new renewal system for the many thousands of youths who were granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Renewal of DACA assures that DACA holders will continue to be safe from deportation for an additional two-year period. Similarly, they will continue with work authorization and to be qualified to get a Social Security card, and, in most states, be permitted to apply for a driver's license. The renewal instruction arrived just in time, as . DACA beneficiaries are requested to apply for renewal, four or five months before their expiration date. Those who were granted DACA in September and October of 2012 – must act immediately. Despite the fact that DACA beneficiaries who apply for renewal will have to go though another fingerprint check most discover that the renewal process is generally clear and that most DACA beneficiaries should be able to apply for the renewal on their own. USCIS has made clear that people who have been granted DACA will qualify to renew barring criminal activity, traveled without authorization, or abandoned their U.S. residence. Nobody granted DACA will age-out of the DACA program. And those enlisted in school at the time of their initial application will not be rejected if they had to stop studying for other obligations. To apply for renewal, DACA beneficiaries will need to use a redesigned and somewhat shorter form of the DACA application, pay a filing fee of $465 (unless waived), and submit to a background check. Regardless of the paperwork, DACA beneficiaries will discover the renewal process simpler than the original application process. Where in the original application, they had to provide substantial documentation, those filing for renewal will be obliged to submit proof with their application, unless he or she received DACA from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), as opposed to USCIS, and those with new facts including removal/deportation or criminal history that were not previously submitted, will be required to submit documentation alongside their requisition. DACA applicants must be careful to renew timely otherwise, they may face work sanction and problems renewing their driver's license. To avoid any serious problem, DACA beneficiaries are asked to seek renewal around four prior months their termination dates. This should to give USCIS sufficient time to process the request. Also, as per USCIS, the individuals who apply far enough ahead of time of their termination date may be given an automatic renewal if there are processing delays. Notwithstanding the excitement round DACA renewal, the 1.15 million potential DACA applicants who have not yet filed for their original DACA process, should not erroneously presume that the initial application period has expired. In reality, the re has been receiving some 10,000 new applications every month. Of course it’s great that President Obama has helped many thousands who arrived in the a young age, but it is just not enough. These children need permanent security, not the ability to live legally in the U.S. for two years at a time. Only with the passage of a comprehensive immigration reform will this country finally begin it reconstruction and return to its rightful place as the apex of democracy in action.

How to get a Refund for an Immigration Bond

When an immigration case has run its’ course and the alien has not violated the terms of the bond, ICE cancels the immigration bond. Once this is done, ICE notifies the Debt Management Center of the cancelled bond. After the cancellation is processed, which can take a long while; the obligor receives a Form I-391 Notice - Immigration Bond Cancelled. The instructions requires the obligor is file for a refund of the principal and any accrued interest. If a cash bond is breached, ICE notifies the obligor through a Form I-323 (Notice - Immigration Bond Breached). As per the bond agreement, ICE is permitted to remain with the principal amount from breached bonds. Nevertheless, the obligor is permitted to receive a payment of accrued interest. If you have acted as an obligor and placed a cash bond and would like to have the cancelled bond amount refunded to you by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, follow these instructions:   1. If you are in possession of the original immigration bond receipt (Form I-305) and your copy of the immigration bond contract (Form I-352), mail Form I-305 and Form I-352 to the address listed below. 2. If you no longer have the original receipt (Form I-305), complete Form I-395 (Affidavit in Lieu of Lost Receipt of United States Immigration and Naturalization Service for Collateral Accepted as Security) and mail a notarized original to the address listed below. Include a copy of the bond contract (Form I-352) if available. Forward bond documents or questions to: Debt Management Center Attention: Bond Unit P.O. Box 5000 Williston, VT 05495-5000 Telephone: (802) 288-7600 Facsimile: (802) 288-1226

Grand Opening of New High-End Burger Joint in Kearny

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Burger Bound is Premiering their 2nd Location This Tuesday, May 12, 2014 Kearny, NJ – (May 8, 2014). One of the latest trends in the new American restaurant landscape are stylish wine-bar-burger-joint-milkshake restaurants. What was normally considered “fast food”, are now high-quality, fine dining, burger concepts. Burger Bound as has mastered the chic burger concept in less than 2 years with their popular Ironbound location. They’re now opening a 2nd franchise in Kearny this Tuesday.Burger Bound’s co-owners, Francisco Rosa and Rodrigo DaSilva, decided to share their passion for a great burger, and take a family favorite dish to the next level. With years of experience in the restaurant business, they want to bring a fine dining experience to a very casual and fun atmosphere, where the food is always fresh, and the guest always come first. Their Burgers are all handcrafted, made with 100% organic meat with no hormones and no antibiotics. They use only fresh high-quality ingredients for health conscious diners. Dishes like Organic Beef Patty with Avocado Aioli and Truffle Parmesan Fries paired with either a glass of Malbec or a Vanilla Shake are unique to their bill of fare.Their menu is also designed to please your veggie-friendly friends and salad lovers with dishes like fresh Salmon Burgers with Caramelized Onion Pesto, Calamari Salad and Black Bean Cakes stuffed with Mozzarella. Together with the Hudson/Essex County foodie community, the Official Grand Opening of Burger Bound Kearny is Tuesday, May 13 from 6pm-10pm190A Kearny Ave., Kearny, NJ 07032Live music, special prizes, special guests, and great food!
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FRANCISCO DE ASSIS – A Life Lesson: A challenging Film News Agency

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Grand Opening of New High-End Burger Joint in Kearny News Agency

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