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November 11, 2014, 5:53 pm
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With the midterm elections massacre of the Democrats, Barack Obama has just about succeeded in delivering America, bound and gagged, into the craven and corrupt clutches of full-on Shock Doctrine corporate cannibal fascism:  Utopia for the rich.  Dystopia for the rest of us.

To anyone paying attention, this should not be breaking news.

Almost from the moment of his election in 2008 on a tidal wave of high hopes for a change from the Bush-Cheney villainy, this allegedly Democratic President has consistently betrayed the hopes and desires of the constituency that had overwhelmingly elected him.

The artful and astute troubadour still known as Bob Dylan once wrote "There's no success like failure/And failure's no success at all."

President Pusillanimous' rap sheet of successful failures is astounding and ongoing.

He succeeded in failing to drive a stake through the cold heart of the lunatic GOP, who were as good as dead after 2008; and instead, thanks to his consistent dissing and betrayal of his base, gave this zombie party the kiss of life in the 2010 midterm elections, resurrecting them to full frothing craziness.

He has also succeeded hugely, we now see for certain, in utterly failing to challenge or fight back against the ceaseless, crypto-treasonous legislative obstruction of this undead Congressional crazy party.  He has also succeeded over and over in failing to directly confront their poisonous actions by name, rather than by his vague weasely wet noodle references to "some folks".

In the name of justice for all, Obama has succeeded in failing to prosecute and jail any of the fraudster banksters, whose infinite greed, shameless arrogance and sociopathic dishonesty crashed the world's economy; and in fact rewarded them with more than $17 trillion of taxpayers' money to cover their massive" gambling" losses and  keep their rigged wheel of fortune spinning.

With ObamaCare, his signature Rube Goldberg contraption, he succeeded in failing to present (or even discuss) a practical universal single-payer health care program that would drive out of our current malfunctioning system the ghoulish and rapacious hellth insurance companies who skim off and pocket 30% of every premium dollar that passes through their grasping paws and have never even  given anyone a single aspirin!  Hellth Insurance Care is not health care.

He has succeeded too well in failing to rein in the old Bush-Cheney regime's criminal frenzy of war-mongering, fear-stoking, Constitution-shredding, international death-squading and massive global NSA peeping tomism in the name of the concocted war on terrorism.

Likewise, he has succeeded in failing to root out the neocon stay-behinds and sleeper agents embedded in his administration, especially the Defense, State and Justice Departments, who have recently cooked up a coup d'etat in Ukraine to provoke Putin and plunder that hapless country and are banging the war drums loudly for a deadly mulligan in Eye-raq and military escalation in Syria, the latest graveyard of empire.

In 2011, he inadvertently failed to succeed in failing to protect Social Security and Medicare, the longtime lodestars of the Democratic Party.  He actually (and unforgivably) offered that human sacrifice to the GOP loons in a so-called "Grand Bargain" sell-out for some deficit chump change.  Luckily for America in that instance, the GOP proved to be so bat guano insane and hated Obama's guts so much, they actually rejected his gift, despite their deepest wet dream for decades being the destruction of these twin towers of American society.  The new crazy Congress will doubtless give him a chance to re-gift them.

As the first African-American President in our  history, he has, unfortunately, succeeded in failing to energetically and directly call out the blatant and ugly race-baiting  by the tea-bagging GOP and their too-easily and eagerly riled up white wing base of fearful ignoramuses, as well as the civil rights law-maiming,  racial vote-rigging and voter-suppressing decisions of their 5 Stooges on the Supreme Court.

The professorial Obama has succeeded in failing to support and defend our national public education system and its teachers against an onslaught of corrupt schemes and falsehoods intended to destroy public schools in favor of privatized charter schools, thus enabling Wall Street moneymen to loot federal and state education budgets of $billions in the name of that greedy drooling wolf in sheep's clothing, education "reform".

Further, this ersatz Democrat, has successfully failed to even utter the words "labor union" or "collective bargaining" when making his mellifluous but vapid speeches on income inequality, jobs and the minimum wage, while bragging on the increase in the rising number of low-wage hamburger flippers and WalMart wage slaves. 

Despite constant GOP bellyaching that Obama ("the Kenyan Commie") has failed to deter a massive invasion of black and brown illegal immigrants into God's country, the Obama
administration has in fact deported more undocumented immigrants than any other administration ever.  Whether that is a success or a failure depends upon whose side of that border you're on.

Ironically, with the crazy party now in almost total control of Congress, Ground Zero of our ginormously corrupt political system (not to mention a majority of Koch-addicted state governments - google ALEC), the Obama Legacy of successful failures may yet include the destruction of the Democratic Party as we know it.  The Obama Presidency: From the White House to the Outhouse.

This sad twist of fate, however, would not be entirely Obama's fault, despite all his successful failures and too frequent displays of disdain for his own Party and its supporters.  The death of the Democrats would more accurately be called an assisted suicide, as the Party has too often reflected Obama's own excessive Rodney (Can't we all get along?)King gene, pandering and pimping for their piddling share of the Citizens United dark money, the gusher of corporate "campaign contributions" and the "baksheesh" of the .00001%.

And so, as the victorious GOP Congressional crazies turn their attention to 2016 and their collection of tomato cans eager to complete the sweep and run for President, they might consider supporting the most successful Republican President they have had since, oh, Richard Nixon.  The man who led them to their undeserved triumphs.  The gift that keeps on giving.  Barack Hussein Obama.  It's a thought.  Just sayin'...

Author: Bernard Jenkins
Bernard Jenkins a regular Contributor at Jornal.us, is a writer and raconteur commenting on U.S. and world affairs for eons.
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