Justin Bieber - Beware of Deportation
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Justin Bieber - Beware of Deportation

January 16, 2014, 12:51 am
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CALABASAS, Calif. It seems that the more famous you are, the greater the chance of screwing up. Such is the case of Justin Bieber, a Canadian citizen, who is facing felony charges for allegedly egging a neighbor’s house in Calabasas California. The damage done allegedly reaches some $20,000. Deputies even searched Bieber's Calabasas mansion yesterday, looking for, What? And found some drugs belonging to his friend?

Immigration Attorney Moses Apsan tells jornal.us : “If Bieber is convicted on a felony charge, such as assault, battery or weapons charges, he most surely will be subject to deportation. However, I don’t believe it will ever come to this. Bieber can certainly afford a good criminal lawyer, who would probably reduce the charge to a disorderly person. This charge would have no affect on a foreigner, such as Bieber.”

But it’s worth noting that non-citizen residents have faced deportation for much less than the charges than at Bieber. In the past these are the kinds of exceptionally minor violations of the law, that the government used as a ruse to deport thousands of non-citizens and undocumented immigrants each year. Actually, the preponderance of those the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) deported in the last few years had no criminal record.

All I can say is Bieber Beware.

Author: John Smith
Commentator on National and International News
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Justin Bieber - Beware of Deportation
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