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Looks Like Obama's immigration Stategy Will Save Him the White House
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Looks Like Obama's immigration Stategy Will Save Him the White House

July 5, 2012, 11:54 pm
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The Dream Act Will Be Romney's Undoing.
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Looks Like Obama's  immigration Stategy Will Save Him the White House
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June 6, 2012 - New York - Obama's latest "torment the republican move", the Dream Act, may have just put Obama on the road to the ultimate presidential glory; a second term.

It's not that the economy is doing better or that Obama killed Bin Laden that removes the pain of constant struggle and grants the president respite at a very critical point in the campaign.  It’s that after a roller coaster of uninterrupted triumphs, beginning with his endorsement of gay marriage, continuing with his win in Arizona’s 1070B controversy, followed up by two significant executive orders; one to allow illegal immigrant married to U.S. citizens to wait in the U.S. while a 601 waiver is processed and the other, the Obama version of the Dream Act, freezing deportation of DREAM Act-eligible immigrants and finally and perhaps, most importantly, his immense Supreme Court victory over the Affordable Care Act,.  Obama is riding the crescent of a wave. He maintains a consistent margin over Romney in national polls, but has seen of late, more noticeable advances in swing states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida, where his immigration directive gave him a kick start in the Hispanic population.

The latest polls by Quinnipiac University established  that Obama held a 9-percentage-point lead over Romney in Ohio and a comfortable 6-point lead in Pennsylvania. In the 2008 election, President Obama won both states, Ohio with only four points.  In Florida the Associated Press reports that President Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romey are fighting closely for voter support.  The polls imply that the presidential race is too close to call, giving Obama a slight advantage.

On July 2nd, a judge dismissed a lawsuit by Fort Lauderdale automobile salesman Michael Voeltz that tried to keep President Obama off Florida's ballot. The lawsuit challenged whether Obama can serve as president because he isn't a "natural born citizen." The plaintiff not only questioned Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate, but also argued that he wasn't qualified to be president because his father wasn't an American citizen.  No wonder the case was dismissed.

The next few months is telling. If Obama wins in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida, Romney does not stand a chance. If Obama wins even two of these states, Romney's path to reach the holy-grail of  270 becomes his final fantasy.

Prepare for the Dream Act

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Looks Like Obama's immigration Stategy Will Save Him the White House
Looks Like Obama's  immigration Stategy Will Save Him the White House
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