Brazilian Designer at Couture Fashion show 2011
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Brazilian Designer at Couture Fashion show 2011

September 14, 2011, 11:02 am
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Simone Rodrigues - SISA Designs in New York at Couture Fashion Show.
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Brazilian Designer at  Couture Fashion show 2011

September 14, 2011. By George Roberts.

Couture Fashion Show 2011 New York City.

Once again the COUTURE FASHION SHOW is happening in the City of Fashion on September 16 at the Waldorf-Astoria. Once again lots of designers will be there and Simone Rodriguês – SISA Designs (The Brazilian Queen) is bringing to the catwalk her new collection. Simone Rodriguês is from Belo Horizonte (Brazil) and she started designing when she was a little girl. Her passion was growing day by day and now she became one of the strongest names in the Fashion Industry.

She worked as a model for ten years before launching her own label in 2004. Sisa Designs has shown on the runway in numerous fashion shows in Brazil and USA, including at many charity events. SISA’s designs have been worn in various beauty pageants, celebrities like the actress and producer Crystal Santos, Amanda Baker (actress – All my children), Brittany Simpson and Karen Hoyos and she is a favorite designer of a number of top Brazilian celebrities. She was already nominated to the 10 Best Dressed Awards- by Leonard Simpson. Sisa Designs are inspired by nature and rendered in warm tones focused on accentuating a woman's unique beauty and sensuality with classic elegance regardless of age or size. The garments are made of the finest hand-selected fabrics including chiffon, silk, lace and taffeta, often creatively embellished with feathers, flowers and crystals. Perfect cutting and draping make each design smooth and stunning. Lines include swimwear, evening and bridal gowns as well as accessories.

For sure you cannot miss the Couture Fashion Show. This year all the designers will show clothes that you will be in love. Great show!!! Wonderful designers!!! And Simone Rodriguês- SISA designs will bring glamour and elegance to you.

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Author: George Roberts
Modelo, reporter e escritor e colunista da Revista Só Festa-USA.
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Brazilian Designer at Couture Fashion show 2011
Brazilian Designer at  Couture Fashion show 2011
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