Still the debt ceiling
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Still the debt ceiling

June 16, 2011, 4:20 pm
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By Zelia Cardoso de Melo

New York, June 16, 2011. I read the Journal because I have to but I avoid reading the opinion page at all cost. They are extremely conservative and it irritates me. Not that I am not willing to hear a different opinion, because I am. It is just that, as somebody has said, the problem with Republicans is not “that they have their own opinions, is that they have their own facts”.  Well, today there is a very well balanced article in regards to the debt ceiling question.

As we know, every government has succeeded approving the increase of the debt ceiling: when there was a Republican President the democrats would vote against and vice versa. But at the end it was always increased. Now, the Republicans are blackmailing the White House and trying to link the increase on the ceiling to cuts on expenses. It seems like President Obama, again, is willing to accept the blackmail as it has been his norm. The issue and the article put that in a very good way, is that now is not the time for that kind of game. Grow up guys.


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Still the debt ceiling
Still the debt ceiling
Thursday 16 June 2011
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