Off-Broadway Comedy, Cayendo con Victoriano, premieres in the United States
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Off-Broadway Comedy, Cayendo con Victoriano, premieres in the United States

April 30, 2011, 1:34 pm
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16 performances only at Roy Arias Theatre Center at the Times Square Arts Center
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Off-Broadway Comedy, Cayendo con Victoriano, premieres in the United States

New York, April 29 2010, by João Vianna. World View Productions, Inc. is committed to bring to life cultural events that enrich, educate and continue to evolve how we perceive the world. Following this mission, we are bringing to New York the US premiere of Cayendo Con Victoriano, a comedy written by Mexican playwright Luis Enrique G. Ortiz Monasterio, and directed by Luis Martin.

Based on Edith OʼShaughnessyʼs historical book, A Diplomatʼs Wife in Mexico, the play takes us back to the Mexican Revolution, describing in an intimate way the complex relationship that has always existed between the United States and Mexico. Nelson OʼShaughnessy, US Business Affairs Representative in Mexico during the presidency and dictatorship of Victoriano Huerta was sent by President Wilson to replaced US ambassador Lane Wilson, who plotted along with Huerta to overthrow president elect Francisco I. Madero. President Madero and Vice-president Pino-Suarez were forced to sign their resignation at the US Embassy, clearing Huertaʼs path to become president. Days later, Huerta ordered their assassination, marking the end of what is known as the tragic ten days, the bloodiest days of the Mexican Revolution.

Besides the OʼShaughnessyʼs, Ortiz-Monasterio makes reference to the relationship that existed between Huerta and Salvador Diaz-Miron, prominent poet and director of El Imparcial, an influential newspaper of the time. Diaz-Miron used his position to protect Huerta. It is said that he became a congressman to push and protect Huertaʼs agenda.

Cayendo con Victoriano focuses on events that took place between October 1913 to April 1914, when Mrs. OʼShaughnessy lived in Mexico with her husband. The playwright links the power struggle between Huerta and OʼShaughnessy on one side, highlighting the differences in diplomacy between the two countries, and between Huerta and Diaz-Miron, on the other side, exposing the Mexican idiosyncrasy when dealing behind closed doors.

Director Luis Martin, with more than 50 years of experience, has received the Mexicoʼs Instituto de Bellas Artesʼ Golden Medal for his contribution to the arts. Playwright Luis Enrique G. Ortiz Monasterio is considered by many a representative of the new voice in Mexican theatre. His plays have been translated to 7 languages and has received many awards for his work.

Cayendo con Victorianoʼs perfrmances will be taking place at the Off-Broadway Theatre of the Roy Arias Theatre Center at the Times Square Arts Center, 300 West 43rd St, 5th Fl, New York, NY 10036. The US premiere will be on Thursday, April 28, 2011, at 7:00 PM and will be running during the weekends of May, 2011. Special performances on Opening Night and Thursday “5 de Mayo” with reception after the show for all attendees. Tickets available online at, or by phone at 212-868-4444.

Mission Statement

World View Productions, Inc. is an organization dedicated to create, develop and present theatrical, performing and visual arts productions that will enrich, educate and continue to evolve how we view the world and the universal themes that connect us all. Through professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail, World View Productions, Inc. will seek and promote the intimate collaboration of artists around the world, creating a platform where we can express freely who we are as we share our love and passion for the performing and visual arts. Vision Statement World View Productions, Inc. envisions a global community where all members come together to celebrate their richness and diversity through cultural, visual and performing arts events.

About Us

World View Productions, Inc., is a young, innovative company that understands and values diversity in a multicultural society. We represent a cultural bridge between the United States and the world. Alfredo Huereca, CEO and founder of World View Productions, Inc. embodies this bridge. Born and raised in our neighboring country of Mexico, Alfredo’s life has always revolved and evolved around the arts. Since his early years, Alfredo used to spend long days drawing in the quiet of his home while his friends used to play ball outside on the street. At the same time, he participated in every single art and folk spring festival at his school. During his middle and high school years, Alfredo started incurring into theater and produced his high school’s first ever theatrical production.
While studying a bachelor’s of science as a Mechanical and Industrial Engineer at the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, in Monterrey, Mexico, Alfredo continued his involvement with the arts, performing in numerous theatrical productions. One of hisperformances earned him a national award for his characterization in the lead role of Lope de Vega’s The Knight of Olmedo.

It is during this time that an event changed his life forever; an event that has guided his footsteps and influenced his decisions up until this day. At the age of twenty four, Alfredo was diagnosed with testicular cancer. During the months that followed with chemotherapy treatments, in and out of the hospital, he realized that if he would survive, if God would give him a second change,he should follow his dreams and be true to himself and his passion. He made a pledge: I will follow my dreams, no matter how crazy they might be or where they might take me. What’s the point of living if I am not going to do what I am passionate about? I will listen to my heart and help others fulfill their dreams. I will follow my heart; the rest will follow me. After finishing his bachelor’s degree, Alfredo Huereca listened to his heart and obtained a masters of Fine Arts from the University of Texas at Austin and embarked into a journey that has taken him to playhouses and studios in Mexico and the United States. His achievements on stage have earned him a place in the Diccionario Biográfico de Coahuila and the Nuevo Diccionario Biográfico de Coahuila (Biographical Dictionary of Coahuila and New Biographical Dictionary of Coahuila), his native state in Mexico. In addition, he has received a Best Actor award by the Asociación de Críticos del Espectáculo (Theater Critics Association) in New York City and was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a comedy for the Payne Awards in Austin, TX.

As a photographer, Alfredo Huereca has exhibited his work in The United States and has participated in the production of art exhibits, bringing the work of international painters to the galleries in SoHo and midtown Manhattan. True to his pledge and dreams, Alfredo has also worked with at-risk middle and high school students in New York and New Jersey. As school principal, Alfredo has been able to touch many young people’s lives, inculcating the arts in their hearts and minds, always advocating for acceptance, diversity and equality.

For more information, please call 718-812-8709 or e-mail at

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Off-Broadway Comedy, Cayendo con Victoriano, premieres in the United States
Off-Broadway Comedy, Cayendo con Victoriano, premieres in the United States
Source: Joao Vianna
Saturday 30 April 2011

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