La Petite Coquette NYC is seaching for the 2011 sexiest model
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La Petite Coquette NYC is seaching for the 2011 sexiest model

March 21, 2011, 2:59 pm
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La Petite Coquette is searching for the next sexiest model for their Spring 2011 photo-shoot
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March 21, 2011 New York City -- "Rebecca  Apsan is the lingerie evangelist. She knows that intimate apparel has the power to transform. That the right bra affects not only look, but outlook. That sexy silk or lace are feminine armor, offering a soft layer of protection against life’s vicissitudes. Her New York City store, La Petite Coquette, draws shoppers from around the world—and not just the celebrities who swear by it. New York Magazine sings her praises as “the best bra-fitter in the country”; so does Lucky. The Wall Street Journal wrote up her role in catapulting Hanky-Panky thongs onto every well-dressed woman’s must-have list—on their front page! She provided all the intimate apparel for Sex and the City. "  *

The Huffington Post's Mihal Freinquel wrote about her evening at La Petite Coquette: "Lingerie for Valentine's Day...Duh."  ...last night I went to an event at NYC lingerie shop La Petite Coquette and I just can't not write about it. I spent the majority of the night rubbing elbows (and caressing nighties) with the store's owner, Rebecca Apsan...."A staff writer from TV series Sex and the City was so transformed by her experience there that she wrote the store into the script.

And now Rebecca Apsan is searching for the next sexiest model for La Petite Coquett's Spring 2011, photo-shoot

La Petite Coquette NYC is looking for the next model.

If you think you got it send us your photo!

We are looking for the next sexiest model for our Spring 2011, photo-shoot  here at La Petite Coquette, NYC.

Please send us your best, most recent full body photo.

Send it to:

Subject: Spring Model

DEADLINE for submission:  03/25/2011

Photos will not be accepted after this date.

Disclaimer: This is a contest not an employment opportunity. The winner of this contest will be compensated.

La Petite Coquette
51 University Pl, New York, NY
(212) 473-2478


Author: Editorial Staff
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La Petite Coquette NYC is seaching for the 2011 sexiest model
La Petite Coquette NYC is seaching  for the 2011  sexiest  model
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