Is Ronaldinho returning to Brazil?
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Is Ronaldinho returning to Brazil?

January 6, 2011, 5:14 pm
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New Jersey, Thursday, January 06, 20011

The answer is YES! His brother and agent Assis came to an agreement with AC Milan Board of Directors and the club agreed to release the player. Good news for Gremio, Palmeiras and Flamengo, the mentioned Brazilian clubs already made official offers for the player and the fans can't wait for Ronaldinho to decide where to play! In favor of Gremio: Porto Alegre is Ronaldinho's hometown and where the player started. In favor of Palmeiras: Manager Felipao - Both were 2002 World Cup Champions. In favor of Flamengo: Well, there's nothing much going for Flamengo!


The fact is, he's not planning on staying in Europe for the current Season, speaking of which, he did not accept a multimillion-dollar deal from modest Premier League Blackburn. It wouldn't be the first time we have World Class players returning to Brazil after a period in Europe, in the past we had players such as: Romario, Falcao, Rivaldo and Zico. Recently we saw players such as Adriano, Ronaldo and Robinho playing the “Brasileirão”.

Brazilian media and soccer lovers are extremely excited with his return regardless of the team. At one point he was considered the world's best player and I couldn't agree more. Many still believe Ronaldinho can still pull a rabbit out of the hat and guide a team to glory! One thing is for sure, the club signing the player should expect a considerable increase in revenues, the sign of Ronaldinho will definitely boost the club finances... I call it a win-win situation! 

Author: Guilherme Salgado
NJYS Licensed Soccer Coach, Radio Brasil Legal Sports Commentator, VejaTV Reporter and Columnist
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Is Ronaldinho returning to Brazil?
Is Ronaldinho returning to Brazil?
Thursday 06 January 2011
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