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Miss Brasil USA beauty pageant online voting begins today
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Miss Brasil USA beauty pageant online voting begins today

November 15, 2010, 11:03 am
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Everyone can vote for the Miss Brasil USA contest
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Miss Brasil USA beauty pageant online voting begins today

Newark, 15 of November of 2010.  Today begins the on-line internet voting  for the Miss Brazil USA beauty pageant  The winner will be selected by popularity of votes.  Everyone is permitted one vote for his or her favorite candidate.

To vote you can go the the site and click  "voting by the internet" or you may click it right here in  The voting begins November 15 and continues to the 19th, when the live contest will be held. . 

The exclusive voting system  was developed by the website, and has provided an online voting system for the pageant for several years.

Over the past year there has been state by state contests.  The winners will be competing in the Gran Finale on November 20, 2010 at the Newark Symphony Hall, 1030 Broad Street, Newark New Jersey. 

To purchase a ticket call (973) 643 4550.

The finalists for the Miss Brazil USA contest, each representing different states are:Elizandra Dutra, Anna Layza D Pereira, Jhessika Sene, Natalia de Castro, Bruna Klock Pereira Leite, Samy  Monteiro, Carol Baumgartner, Laila Hewitt, Lidiane Dultra, Priscila, Ana Paula Cruz, Regiane Coelho, Carolina Cardoso, Aline Paiva, Anna Haulina, Isabel Mello, Nauana Burigo, Glenda Shaw, Priscila Oliveira, Monique Saboia, Taisha Abreu, Ana Sofia Milanesi, Thamires Cavalcante, Jessica Oliveira, Eliane Carneiro, Iris Oliveira, Rose Silva, Jessica Regueira, Aline Duarte, Ana Paula Conti, Mariane Ferrari, Pamela Castao, Ana Luiza Lucena, Milleny Arruda, Andresa Morais, Amanda de Oliveira, Patricia dos Reis, Sandrine Torres da Silva, Bruna Guimares, Beatriz Berthi, Romenia Nunes, Jade Hanna, Bruna Silva  and Bianca Grogay.

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Miss Brasil USA beauty pageant online voting begins today
Miss Brasil USA beauty pageant online voting begins today
Monday 15 November 2010

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