The first Brazilian Exposition of New England
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The first Brazilian Exposition of New England

August 23, 2010, 10:23 pm
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The first Brazilian Exposition of New England
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The first Brazilian Exposition of New England will show in September of 2010, and will be sponsored by SR Global Enterprises, the same company that created the popular Yellow book Pocket Reference (Guide to American, Hispanic and Brazilian businesses) which is located in the Boston area. SR Global Enterprises also successfully promotes business networking and publicity as well as other events to the region, with the biggest concentration of Brazilian and South American individuals within the New England area.

The first Brazilian Exposition, is scheduled to appear in September of 2010, in the city of Worcester, at the DCU Center, it will showcase the most fascinating and complete events involving information about Brazil and Brazilian products, the booths will be full of excitement, and will have plenty of room to promote your products. Various programs and events will honor the culture, history, and reasons by which entertainment is part of the everyday life of its people.

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The exhibition is going to provide a view for business, and entrepreneurs will develop networking skills, the public will have contact with one of the richest cultures of South America. Visitors will discover Brazil in the fastest way ever seen.

The exposition did not leave out the children, activities such as, pogo sticks to face painting will be part of the show, and for the adults shows of Brazilian Music Popular and percussion, circles of capoeira, fashion shows, seminars, and a world of attractions involving the four regions of Brazil will be exposed.

Become part of history. You need to confirm your reservation.

The Exposition Includes:

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The first Brazilian Exposition of New England
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