Homeowners Hire Law Firms For California Loan Modification Agreements
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Homeowners Hire Law Firms For California Loan Modification Agreements

June 6, 2010, 5:53 pm
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Homeowners Hire Law Firms For California Loan Modification Agreements
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June 6, 2010 -- According to Howard Miller, 2009 president of the California State Bar, “Lawyers can be and have been very helpful in many [California loan modification] cases.” Miller explains that attorneys can assist mortgage holders understand their legal rights, negotiate with their financial institution, complete the necessary paperwork for a loan modification and even prevent a foreclosure sale.

“We agree with Mr. Miller. Homeowners looking for a loan modification here in California should contemplate using the expertise of an attorney” says Dave Gerlt a Partner with the Law Offices of Edwards and Gerlt. Edwards and Gerlt are licensed California real estate lawyers who are experienced at assisting financially challenged homeowners get loan modification agreements in California.

Gerlt continues, “Of course, financial institutions, like any business, are under the gun to increase their profitability. It is not their business plan to put homeowners’ concerns over their own financial interests. So an inexperienced homeowner is unlikely to secure the most favorable loan modification terms that are available from the lender.”

It should be noted that homeowners can directly negotiate California loan modification agreements with their lenders without any assistance. Banks want inexperienced, naïve homeowners to call them and try to modify their own loan. That way, the banks can minimize their losses by making “take it or leave it” offers. The homeowners may not realize that they can negotiate with the bank, and even if they do, how to make a strong counter offer.

Homeowners who have the time to constantly follow up with the lender for several months as needed, understand the qualifying ratios and required documentation for a loan modification agreement, comprehend the fine print of their mortgage agreement, and are not intimidated by negotiating with a team of bank attorneys, should do it themselves.”

However, homeowners who lack this comprehensive skill set, may want to discuss their options with an experienced lawyer. “By retaining the services of an loan modification attorney, homeowners may be leveling the playing field with the financial institutions.”

Borrowers should also be aware that there are free loan modification services available from agencies approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD.

“These nonprofits may make sense for some homeowners. However, like any free service they will be very busy, especially in the current economic environment. It may be difficult to get the attention necessary to complete a successful loan modification. We pride ourselves on quickly assessing our clients’ needs and moving the ball forward, because every client is very important to us.”

“As loan modification lawyers we are not intimidated by banks or their attorneys. A very small percentage point reduction on interest rate can mean a savings of tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. So chances are, homeowners can benefit significantly from the help of an attorney,” concludes Gerlt.

For more information on California loan modification agreements, Dave Gerlt can be reached at 877-701-6637 or go to http://www.aboutcalifornialoanmodification.com

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Homeowners Hire Law Firms For California Loan Modification Agreements
Homeowners Hire Law Firms For California Loan Modification Agreements
Sunday 06 June 2010