Madamís Forro playing Brazilian Forro Music in NYC
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Madamís Forro playing Brazilian Forro Music in NYC

April 11, 2010, 4:44 pm
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Madamís Forro playing Brazilian Forro Music in NYC
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On Thursday, April 15, and Saturday, April 17, 2010, the Brooklyn-based band Forró de Madame (Madam’s Forró) will play their unique (and contemporary) version of Brazilian Forró at the Brooklyn Bar Barbes and Shambhala Meditation Center of New York, respectively.

Forró da Madame is lead by rising Brazilian star Liliana Araújo (singer, percussion) joined by the renowned Uri Sharlin (accordion) and the formidable Mike LaValle (zabumba). Originally from Fortaleza, Ceará, Forró da Madame maintains the traditions of forró by following in the footsteps of the old masters and honors the superstars responsible for its popularization such as Luiz Gonzaga, Jackson do Pandeiro, Marinês and Azeitona, while also infusing a contemporary touch.
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Forro da Madame band

Forró is a kind of Northeastern Brazilian dance that developed from European classics styles of folk musics such as “Chula” and “Xotis” (term that originated the derivate “Xote”), as well as a word used to denote the different genres of music which accompanies the dance. Both are much in evidence during the annual Festa Junina (June Festival), a part of Brazilian traditional culture which celebrates some of the saints of the Catholic religion. The most celebrated day of the festival is known as the Saint John’s (São João) day.

Date: Thursday, April 15, 10 pm

Location: Barbes

Address: 376 9th Street / Brooklyn, NY


Date: Saturday, April 17, 8 pm, with Uri Sharlin’s Dogcat

Location: NY Shambhala Center

Address: 118 West 22nd Street / New York, NY

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Author: Arthur Lewis
Arthur Lewis is a independent journalist who has written for periodicals in the U.S., Canada, England and Australia. His interests are varied and he is currently "following the waves" in Hawaii.
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Madamís Forro playing Brazilian Forro Music in NYC
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