Explosion of Brazilians in Broward County Florida
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Explosion of Brazilians in Broward County Florida

April 7, 2010, 10:08 pm
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Explosion of Brazilians in Broward County Florida
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Fort Lauderdale - The Brazilian population in Broward County has grown rapidly over the past fifteen years to 22,087 residents, according to the American Community Survey (ACS). The Brazilian population in Broward accounts for 63% of the tri-county total; Miami-Dade has 8,533 Brazilian residents and Palm Beach has 4,372. Growth has been concentrated in northeastern Broward, primarily in the City of Deerfield Beach where nine percent of residents have Brazilian ancestry.

Although the 2004 ACS provides the most recent count of Brazilian people living in Broward County, it does not contain detailed information about the characteristics of the population. Therefore, Census 2000 tabulations by ancestry group are used in the following analysis.

Population by Age Group
The Brazilian population is younger than the population as a whole. Adults under age 35 make up 36 percent of the Brazilian population, compared to only 21 percent of the County’s population. Less than two percent of Brazilians are aged over 65, whereas seniors make up 15.7 percent of residents countywide. These differences are noticeable on the population pyramid (to the right) which shows the percent of males and females in five year cohorts, for each population.

Household Characteristics
Being a younger population, almost half (46 percent) of Brazilian households have children under age 18, compared to 29 percent countywide. This is also reflected in the average household size (2.9 persons), which is slightly higher than the county average (2.5 persons). The proportion of single person households (16 percent) is half the countywide rate (31 percent), in part due to the smaller number of seniors.

Portuguese Speaking Population
Portuguese is now the third most commonly spoken foreign language in Broward County. Although Portuguese is the native language in Portugal and several African countries, in Broward County its growth is attributed to the Brazilian population.

Since 1990, the number of residents speaking Portuguese or Portuguese Creole has increased from 3,607 to 27,252. Of these persons, 12,193 (44 percent) are not fluent in English.

Immigration from Brazil to Broward
Between 2001 and 2003, 1,686 Brazilians immigrated directly to Broward County (the number of persons that moved from Miami-Dade and other counties is unknown).

Author: Nelly Castillo
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Explosion of Brazilians in Broward County Florida
Explosion of Brazilians in Broward County Florida
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