Congratulations NY Red Bulls!!!
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Congratulations NY Red Bulls!!!

March 21, 2010, 1:33 am
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NY Red Bulls 3 x 1 Santos FC
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Congratulations NY Red Bulls!

NY Red Bulls 3 x 1 Santos FC

The NY Red Bulls is ready for the 2010 season! The team proved to be better than expected, the victory against Santos FC proved that the team has great potential.

I was there and I was amazed to see how the squad behaved tactically. The skilled Santos FC didn’t have many chances to score thanks to the Bulls defense (Miller, Ream, Hall and of course, Petke).  If the New York team keeps playing at this level we should see great things happening this season.

After the game I interviewed Santos FC Assistant Coach Marcelo Martellote (Santos Head Coach Dorival Junior ran to the airport not returning to the second-half).

Martellote mentioned how hard it is to play against American teams. At one point he mentioned the US 1994 World Cup Team, in his view that particular team was the beginning of soccer in America. “After 1994 the world started to pay more attention and respect the US as far as soccer is concerned” said Martellote.

It was a pleasant night, the Bulls put up a great show! Fireworks, Nascar Racing Car, Olympic Champ and more…. I loved it!


Author: Guilherme Salgado
NJYS Licensed Soccer Coach, Radio Brasil Legal Sports Commentator, VejaTV Reporter and Columnist
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Congratulations NY Red Bulls!!!
Congratulations NY Red Bulls!!!
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