The BIG day in coming up!!!
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The BIG day in coming up!!!

March 19, 2010, 10:08 pm
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NY Red Bulls x Santos FC
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Santos FC and Brazil U18 National Team right-winger Crystian Carvalho talked to before the match against the NY Red Bulls. The player mentioned a couple of differences between soccer in Brazil and in the US; “The American players are usually strong and tall, their running game is very good” said Crystian. Crystian also cited that the players are excited about the game and that the team will take the match very seriously!

Unfortunately Robinho won’t play, he’s under intensive care by the Santos medical department and should be back within ten days, bad news for the soccer fans who were expecting to see the Brazilian star.

Santos Press-Officer Arnaldo Hase thanked the NY Red Bull directors for the reception the club received and for the way they handled the negotiations anticipating the match.

When asked; how it feels to be part of this unique event, Hase responded: “It’s not the first time Santos is invited to inaugurate a stadium, recently we played Santos Laguna (MEX) at their Inauguration” “I can assure you we are very proud to be here”.

Lets hope for the best and wish both Santos FC and the NY Red Bulls a fantastic season, with many goals… (In their favor of course!!)


Author: Guilherme Salgado
NJYS Licensed Soccer Coach, Radio Brasil Legal Sports Commentator, VejaTV Reporter and Columnist
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The BIG day in coming up!!!
The BIG day in coming up!!!
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