Being an Immigrant in the United States of America

December 13, 2015, 10:27 pm

Being an immigrant is a sign of strength. It is to cross to the other side, many times, not looking back. It is to transform oneself, is to know thyself, it is to improve yourself. For the immigrant there is no other choice, but to adapt. To adapt is to survive, and to survive is to be strong.

The power of survival is not measured by physical strength, race, creed, color, sex, or sexual orientation. The power of survival is measured by the most resilient, the most persistent, the most perseverant. Waterloo and Stalingrad were lost by the failure to adapt to the cold weather and other harsh conditions, not due to lack of strength. To be strong is to be determined to succeed. However, to succeed is to adapt, and to adapt in the most swiftly form: to the extent that you become part of the thing you set yourself to adapt towards.

((The true immigrant learns the language of the new country, without forgetting the one left behind)). The true immigrant pledges allegiance to the flag he chooses, not always to the one he was wrapped around when he was born. He must always remember: his land is the land that provides for him and his family. The true immigrant adapts to the land and the ones whose inhabited that land before them, as the ones before them had done.

Being an immigrant is going to hell and back. It is to understand the true meaning of the word: 'sacrifice'. Being an immigrant is to learn how to detach and to embrace. It is learning new laws and new cultures. It is to bring your culture over to enrich those around you, not to bring your beliefs to destroy or affect those around you. The true immigrant is not only a refugee or escapee, but also an adapter. He endures, but he comes in peace. He embraces and loves his new country and he acknowledges that the old one is now his second nation. It takes a strong person to do this. It takes love and pride.

The best way to show the love for your new country is to show that you are not a foreigner, but a learner, and that you are going to become a law-abiding citizen. Immigration should bring the best of everywhere. The true immigrant knows that he will offer the best to the country, which he is now becoming part of. He must sacrifice and never give up. The true immigrant never gives up. He gives his life for the country that feeds him and his family. He becomes one with the country. By becoming one with the country, the country becomes stronger.

The true immigrant is a patriot of the country he immigrated to, not only of the country he emigrated from. He must be courageous and brave and, if necessary, fight to protect the country he adopted, even if against the country he left behind. Being an immigrant is doing the most courageous thing. It is doing what few had the courage to do. Leaving behind part of your heart. Being a true patriot is not always doing what is politically correct, but doing what is correct regardless of politics.

The true immigrant is strong and does not depend on others, but sometimes has others depending on him. He does not depend on the government, but helps the government and honors his obligations, so he can enforce his rights. He, who never met a strong person, never met a true immigrant.

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