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September 29, 2019, 6:23 pm
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The Obama-engineered 2014 Ukraine coup d'état has been a silent stink bomb in USA politics ever since. At first it set up the phony "Putin invaded Crimea" howl that never really gained solid traction no matter how often the NY Times tried to make it true. Bigtime political money-grubbers rushed to Kiev to make deals with the new gang of neo-Nazi crooks in charge. John McCain and Obama Veep Joe Biden were only two of the most neon names. Hotshot lobbyists Paul Manafort and Tony Podesta were already there.

The bad odor of the neo-Nazi Kiev regime continued to hover around the fringes of the 3-year-long Deep State/FBI/Intelligence (duh!) Community/Dementedcrat rolling "Get Trump" black op. Also, Hillary's “Putin Did It” alibi for losing was aided and abetted by CrowdStrike, a shady Ukraine-connected anti- Putin cyber operation. When the much-prayed-for Mueller Miracle failed to produce anything more than a tired, out-of-touch ex-FBI malpracticer, who couldn't even remember what was in his own Mueller Report (if, indeed, he had even read it), the hot air escaped from that political blimp and it quickly began to droop and fall to earth. Until now.

Breaking news! Breaking news! Trump wants Ukraine Prez to dig up dirt on Biden. Bribes him to do so. OMG! OMG!

The fetid odor of Ukraine has suddenly become oxygen for the fumbling and flailing Deep State gang who couldn't shoot straight. A "whistleblower" tipped the Bezos/WAPO propaganda delivery device about a recent phone conversation between ex- standup comedian Volodymyr Zelensky, the new President of Ukraine, and Trump, ex-Reality TV Star and still President, that contained some chit chat about ex-Veep Jalopy Joe Biden, his ne'er-do-well son Hunter, and the corrupt Director of a giant Kiev energy company the basically unqualified Hunter Biden had snagged (wonder of wonders!) a $50,000 a month seat on the board of after the 2014 coup. When a Ukraine prosecutor began sniffing around the corrupt company, Jalopy Joe had personally come to the rescue of his embroiled son, later bragging publicly how he had gotten the prosecutor off the case and sacked. Jalopy Joe, 77 years old but totally made over with a fresh coat of paint, is currently running (sic) for the 2020  Dementedcrat Presidential nomination. There may also have been some chatter between the two presidents about Hillary and the odious CrowdStrike (still redacted?).

There’s a saying: If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s…Deep State’s “Get Trump” 2.0!

“Whistleblower” in this instance is no Edward Snowden or Chelsea Manning, but a euphemism to whitewash a CIA counterintelligence operator/troll. While there was never a scintilla of actual evidence that “Putin Did It”, only the Deep State’s self-referential say-so and the nefarious and largely fictional Piss Dossier, there is a transcript of the recent phone conversation, which is already being hyped as the new Nixon tapes, no matter what it actually reveals or doesn’t. The so-called “whistleblower” never actually heard the call himself but only heard- tell of it (called “Hearsay” in the courts and inadmissible).

But this chance for the sclerotic, out of date, crazed-by-Trump Dementedcrats to prop up Jalopy Joe in the nomination contest and deprive the feared (and hated) Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren of headlines for the foreseeable future, seems irresistible. And then there is their equally frightening Plan B: The Hillary Beast/Monster is hovering!!!

The drooping Dementedcrats immediately mainlined this dope and are high-flying on it. Yet again stoned out of their once-upon-a-time critical thinking minds, yowling anew about impeachment, the next Holy Miracle on the near horizon, blissfully unaware they have most likely taken a hotshot of political opioids laced with fentanyl. “Playing To Lose” sounds like the title of a country song and should be the national anthem of the Dementedcrat Party.

Warning to the gen pop as this latest version of the same old sore losers’ hysterical lamentations and Deep State dirty tricks noisily plays out: Hold your noses.

Author: Bernard Jenkins
Bernard Jenkins a regular Contributor at, is a writer and raconteur commenting on U.S. and world affairs for eons.
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