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Grand Opening of New High-End Burger Joint in Kearny
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Grand Opening of New High-End Burger Joint in Kearny

May 13, 2014, 6:25 pm
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Grand Opening of New High-End Burger Joint in Kearny



Burger Bound is Premiering their 2nd Location
This Tuesday, May 12, 2014

Kearny, NJ – (May 8, 2014). One of the latest trends in the new American restaurant landscape are stylish wine-bar-burger-joint-milkshake restaurants. What was normally considered “fast food”, are now high-quality, fine dining, burger concepts.

Burger Bound as has mastered the chic burger concept in less than 2 years with their popular Ironbound location. They’re now opening a 2nd franchise in Kearny this Tuesday.

Burger Bound’s co-owners, Francisco Rosa and Rodrigo DaSilva, decided to share their passion for a great burger, and take a family favorite dish to the next level. With years of experience in the restaurant business, they want to bring a fine dining experience to a very casual and fun atmosphere, where the food is always fresh, and the guest always come first.

Their Burgers are all handcrafted, made with 100% organic meat with no hormones and no antibiotics. They use only fresh high-quality ingredients for health conscious diners. Dishes like Organic Beef Patty with Avocado Aioli and Truffle Parmesan Fries paired with either a glass of Malbec or a Vanilla Shake are unique to their bill of fare.

Their menu is also designed to please your veggie-friendly friends and salad lovers with dishes like fresh Salmon Burgers with Caramelized Onion Pesto, Calamari Salad and Black Bean Cakes stuffed with Mozzarella.
Together with the Hudson/Essex County foodie community, the Official Grand Opening of Burger Bound Kearny is Tuesday, May 13 from 6pm-10pm
190A Kearny Ave., Kearny, NJ 07032
Live music, special prizes, special guests, and great food!

Author: Joao Vianna
Website designer, programmer and database administrator, Web TV Producer, writer and commentator
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Grand Opening of New High-End Burger Joint in Kearny
Grand Opening of New High-End Burger Joint in Kearny
Source: Joao Vianna
Tuesday 13 May 2014

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