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September 12, 2013, 11:22 pm
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The masks are off. Barack Obama is George W. Bush in blackface. John Kerry is Colin Powell in whiteface. And Susan Rice, Secretary of State wannabe, national security advisor and Barack's BFF, is, well, Condoleezza Rice in ghost face scream mask whistling up once again the mushroom cloud on the horizon. Eeek!

America has become in the 21st century the world's #1 Rogue nation. The Wall Street-Washington DC Axis of Evil and its insatiable greed-/power-driven military/industrial/ intelligence/surveillance/corporate cronies is a giant criminal enterprise, a confederacy of outlaws. And the American people (and much of the rest of the world) are merely collateral damage in a helter-skelter mad dash to a war-mongering, world-crushing Shock Doctrine corporate fascist totalitarianism otherwise known as "the status quo".

The giant government propaganda Wurlitzer keeps pumping out lies. A month or so ago it was "We don't spy on American citizens. We only eavesdrop on terrorist conference calls." Then it was "OMG! OMG! Al-Qaeda is coming! We have to close all the US embassies in the Middle East for four days!" When nobody believed any of that hoo-haa, this hapless Obomba administration for the last two weeks has been trumpeting a cooked up chemical warfare jamboree out of a terrible two-year-long Syrian civil war killfest.

The Syrian civil war is just the latest iteration of what was once considered the hopeful Arab Spring that was more a mirage than the dawn of democracy and is now, in fact, turning into the First Islamic World War since the great schism between Sunni and Shiite in the 7th century.

Our perpetual boogeyman, the hysterically noisy and nuclear weapons-seeking Shiite Islamic Republic of Iran, is supporting its longtime partner in crime the creepy chinless scoundrel President Bashar Al-Assad, son and heir of the longtime Syrian psycho dictator the late and unlamented Hafez Al-Assad. Russia, the surviving remnant of our old Soviet Union Cold War rival, is strongly allied with Bashar too.

Saudi Arabia, one the most repressive regimes on the planet, bent on peddling worldwide Wahhabbism , its own home-grown brand of tyrannical Sunni Islam, and scared witless that a revolutionary whirlwind will sooner rather than later sweep across their oil-rich sandbox and blow their cartoon royalty off their golden toilet seats, is backing the Syrian "rebels", the long-oppressed Syrian citizens, who originally rose up, so far unsuccessfully, against the villainous regime, now being back-stopped by a ragtag gang of assorted rogues, thugs, criminals and jumped-up jihadis.

To date, over 100,000 Syrians have been killed and several millions scattered to the neighboring lands of Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Iran and Turkey, with not much more than the sound of crickets coming from us.

Now suddenly, waving the bloody shirt, crying crocodile tears over the latest presumed death toll (pick a number from 57 to 1,429) of innocent men, women and children from an apparent sarin gas attack ordered by Bashar himself, the latest Middle Eastern Hitler (so our intelligence know-it-alls have "assessed", not exactly proven, from some tapped phone calls and a collection of YouTube videos!), we have been threatening the usual military cakewalk - pin-point, surgical cruise missile bombing attacks on somebody.

By butting in at this point and waving our weapons in everyone's face, we are on the verge of turning this unending Syrian tragedy into a farcedy. Ironically, Vladimir Putin, the ex-KGB bull and current scourge of Pussy Riot and the Russian gay community, has quickly and cleverly snatched up a bumbling blunder by the bellowing John Kerry about Bashar surrendering his chemical weapons stash and forced Bashar to go along with the ploy thereby blunting for the moment Obomba's sabre rattling. But a somewhat befuddled Barack (perhaps only half-believing his own twisted sales pitch), whose popularity is sinking fast like a rock in a well, still wants the Congress, currently even less popular than bladder cancer, to approve new warmongering legislation that is totally opposed by 85% of the American people. Democracy in action. Our tax dollars at work. USA! USA!

If the administration so eagerly wants to bomb something, let them bomb the unfortunate Syrian refugees with food and blankets. That would be a good deed indeed.

However, while wars are always all about bu$ine$$, this war is really none of our business. After more than a decade of big-footing across the Muslim world to disastrous effect, stirring up hornets' nests, droning wedding parties, squandering trillion$ of our national trea$ury and sacrificing way too many of the young troops in our never victorious army, while screaming Al-Qaeda is coming! Al-Qaeda is coming! it is about time to include ourselves out, take a seat in the bleachers, buy some hot dogs and beer (hummus & kebabs?) and just STFU! Wait for this massive upheaval of clans, tribes, religious factions and assorted troublemakers to do their worst to each other. It is what they will do in any case. We have no influence. Everybody hates us. And in a decade or so, the entire map of the Middle East will have been totally redrawn to finally and more accurately reflect the real demographics of this long-suffering region (can you say: Kurdistan is coming!).


Author: Bernard Jenkins
Bernard Jenkins a regular Contributor at, is a writer and raconteur commenting on U.S. and world affairs for eons.
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