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November 13, 2012, 9:30 am
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Don`t look Down. It`s the Fiscal Cliff
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     Our National Nightmare is over.  Our New National Nightmare has only just begun.  The two-year-long kabuki theater/trivial pursuit/show-me-the-money farce, once upon a time known as a presidential election, has mercifully ended.

     Barack Hussein Obama, the current title holder, despite a breathtakingly disappointing, feckless, fantasy-driven, weak-willed, borderline incompetent and too often politically miscalculating 1st four-year term, has succeeded in snatching victory from the jaws of deserved defeat.

     Having won his single US Senate term in 2004 against an opposition candidate who didn’t even live in Illinois and stormed to his 2008 presidential victory on the fluttery wings of “hope” and “change” against crabby Methuselah, John McCain and the scrambled-brain seductress Sarah Palin, Obama had the great good fortune this time around to face off against the flop-sweaty private equity pirate, serial liar/shape-shifter and world class tax cheat (not to mention anointed Mormon deity) Willard Mutt Romney.  There is no accounting for luck.

     In the final analysis, it would seem there are, in America, not enough paranoid, lunatic, white, racist, ignoramuses and aliens from outer space, who make up the teabaglican party, nor enough treasonous voter-suppressing GOP outlaw governors to overcome the large numbers of Democratic daydream believers and cockeyed optimists still hoping, despite all the contrary evidence, that the “hope” and “change” betrayed  by Obama 1 will somehow be born again and blossom miraculously in Obama 2.  Fat chance.

     The election mandate Obama 1 won was immediately squandered and his base constituency dissed and ditched in favor of him becoming Wall Street's caddy, the health insurance/pharmaceutical industry's $30 billion benefactor, the military/security/terror industrial complex cheerleader-in-chief, while inadvertently (or on purpose?) giving the zombiefied GOP corpse the kiss of life.  

     With his excessive Rodney ("Can't we all get along?") King gene and his almost delusional narcissistic self image as the "great conciliator" and human melting pot,  his instinctive default position in virtually all significant political battles, was to surrender his ground in advance of the first whiff of grape shot.  

     But while the prezzy spent most of his first term back on his heels or in a defensive crouch, the GOP crazy train of yowling race-baiters and political blackmailers ran him over again and again.  

     And now, despite their election shellacking, winning only the slave states and the states with no people, while he gathered a stunning 332 electoral votes and almost as many popular votes as last time, has anything really changed?

      The first test of wills (or wonts) is the year-end so-called "fiscal cliff", the latest sky-is-falling-sky-is-falling!!  financial/political Shock Doctrine blackmail scheme cooked up by Al Qaeda of Wall Street, their corporate cannibal cronies and corrupt congressional bootlickers and bum boys.  It is the bastard offspring of the previous blackmail scheme concocted by the same Wall Street/Washington DC Axis of Evil, the phony debt ceiling & deficit reduction debate in 2011.  

     During that episode of America Held Hostage, the "great conciliator" actually tried to feed our national safety net - Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid - to the selfish greedy beast in the hope the money monster would not devour him. Shame on him.

     However,  in an odd twist of fate, irony or luck, the Wall Street/Washington DC Axis of Evil so thoroughly and utterly despise him they even refused at the time to accept this gratuitous offer of the keys to the US Treasury despite the fact it is the most desired result they have been conniving and conspiring to achieve for more than half a century:  the total and complete looting of America (even beyond the $17 trillion of free moolah they have already received from the Administration and the Fed since 2008/9).  The final solution.

     But these psychos and bozos never ever really concede or back up.  They play full-on offense all the time.  No sooner had Obama accepted his victory last week, then  these losers were again demanding his surrender.  Congratulations on your re-election, now you better do what we tell you, or else!!!

     The truth is the only people really threatened by the fiscal cliff are the blackmailers themselves.  If the previously push-over-prone president does absolutely nothing, the obscene Bush tax cuts will automatically expire on New Year's Eve and those crooks' and greedheads' tax rates would "rocket" to the dizzying heights of 39%. OMG! OMG!  At the same time the bloated, morbidly obese  defense budget (paradise for war profiteers) will be put on a serious Dr. Fatkin diet.  Imagine no more $zillion battleships and super-duper tanks to fight the Taliban and Al-Qaeda's scattered remnants.  Eeeek!

     Of course, as part of the blackmail scam, some middle class tax cuts will end (i.e., the temporary payroll tax cut, and maybe the home mortgage deduction) and some of the taxes of the "small people" (see: the chairman of BP for the reference) would also go up a bit.  But the woefully abused middle and working class, having been robbed blind for so long, have little left to lose by turning down this twisted deal.  In fact, no Washington politician worth his bribe money, will let those ensuing middle class tax "penalties" stand for long without voting to overturn them in the new Congress.

Now is the time, flush with victory, for President Wuss to mandate up and just say NO! to these cruel and voracious villains, the .00001%.  No Grand Sellout of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  No more Bush tax cuts.  No more $600,000 toilet seats for the Pentagon.  Immediately, if not sooner, he should dispatch Wall Street's towel boy, tiny Tim Geithner, to the malefactors of great wealth, the economic royalists (FDR's excellent descriptions) and their treacherous two-man pantomime Trojan horse Simpson & Bowles standing on the edge of the fiscal cliff they invented, with a note pinned to his shirt that reads:  Jump, ye bastids!!     

      In one flash of common sense and courage (long missing in our poisonous and corrupt political life), the US budget deficit would be cut in half and it would not just be a magician's trick.  Math doesn't lie.

     The sound of these greedy squealing oinkers falling off their fiscal cliff and splatting on the pavement of Wall Street would be drowned out by the cheers and huzzahs!! of all those believers in real democracy over oligarchy and financial slavery, who were forced to stand in line for up to 8 hours or more to vote their hopes for the guy who won.

     America should only be so lucky...

Author: Bernard Jenkins
Bernard Jenkins a regular Contributor at Jornal.us, is a writer and raconteur commenting on U.S. and world affairs for eons.
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