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President congratulates Brazilian Olympic athletes
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President congratulates Brazilian Olympic athletes

August 14, 2012, 2:19 pm
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President congratulates Brazilian Olympic athletes
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Brasília – On Sunday, August 12, the last day of the London 2012 Olympic Games, president Dilma Rousseff sent a message congratulating all the Brazilian athletes who participated in the competition. Dilma praised those who won medals and all who made an effort to overcome limits and be good representatives of Brazil.

“On this day when the London Games come to an end, I want to greet all the athletes who are returning to Brazil with their medals – whether they be gold, silver or bronze – and all the other athletes who made an outstanding effort and represented the country so well,” said the president in a note to the press.

The president made special mention of Sarah Menezes, who competed in judo, the Brazilian women’s volleyball team and the gymnast Arthur Zanetti, all winners of gold medals.

“Our athletes have shown in various sports events exemplary strength, effort and the ability to overcome hardships. They are proof that Brazil is building, through sports, examples of life and perseverance for all our young people,” declared the president.


Author: Joao Vianna
Website designer, programmer and database administrator, Web TV Producer, writer and commentator
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President congratulates Brazilian Olympic athletes
President congratulates Brazilian Olympic athletes
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Tuesday 14 August 2012

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