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A Word from Immigration Lawyer Moses Apsan on Obama`s Dream Act
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A Word from Immigration Lawyer Moses Apsan on Obama`s Dream Act

June 19, 2012, 1:21 pm
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Romney has met his Waterloo
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A Word from Immigration Lawyer Moses Apsan on Obama`s Dream Act
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Congratulation to the over 1 million young men and women who will be able to take advantage of President Obama's version of the Dream Act.  It took courage for the President to make such a  precarious move at so close to the election, but if he had failed to help the children and “do the right thing” Mitt Romney, the republican contender for the presidency may have given him a run for the money, with the alleged Dream Act proposed by Republican Marco Rubio. And if Romney had won, our fight for recognition of these children would have been derailed for decades.  Romney has made it clear that he would veto the “Dream Act,” if congress approved the Dream Act, he would veto it; thowing the baby out with the bathwater. The future of the Dream Act would look bleak, but instead of a dismal  future,  Obama’s strategic moves, clears the way for a bright future for all 11 million undocumented immigrants in our country.

We all understand that the program as described, is not intended to give anyone permanent residency.  It’s a “band-aide" to relieve the stress caused by the current broken immigration laws, and to keep things moving until one day, congress passes a Comprehensive Immigration reform.

With Obama’s aggressive and unexpected move, Romney’s hope for obtaining votes from    the Latin community has all but disappeared.  He now finds himself with basically no hope of beating OBama in November,  Romney has met his Waterloo.

Yesterday, there was a stakeholders meeting at the DHS, which outlined the program in greater detail.  I have listed the information from this meeting, in the web site and explained how best to prepare for that eventual day, on or about August 15, 2012, when everyone can start filing the applications.

A word to the wise:  Filing out forms always appear simple, but a missed word, wrong data and the case could be place in investigation which can last a long time.

Make sure you use an experienced immigration Lawyer; not a Notary Public, Travel Agency or Immigration Consultant.  These people  are not licensed and  do not have the expansive and detailed understanding of U.S. immigration law. And most importantly they cannot assist you if something goes wrong; only a licensed lawyer can do so.

Best of Luck

Moises Apsan
Laywer, Advogado, Abogado.

for more information go to

Attorney with over 35 years of experience. Past president Federal Bar Association NJ Chapter (1997-2002). Offices in New York, NY, Newark, NJ. Tel: 888-460-1800 and
Apsan Law Offices
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A Word from Immigration Lawyer Moses Apsan on Obama`s Dream Act
A Word from Immigration Lawyer Moses Apsan on Obama`s Dream Act
Tuesday 19 June 2012

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