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InfoPass - Best Way to Schedule Immigration Appointments
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InfoPass - Best Way to Schedule Immigration Appointments

December 26, 2011, 2:29 am
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InfoPass uses the internet to schedule immigration appointments
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InfoPass - Best Way to Schedule Immigration Appointments

InfoPass enables the public to go online to schedule appointments with immigration information officers at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) offices. If you have a complex immigration question or need that is best addressed by a trained USCIS officer in person, InfoPass offers a convenient alternative to waiting in line for assistance. InfoPass is a secure Internet site. This computer scheduling system is now at all 33 district offices, and it schedules appointments for almost every function of district offices via a link on the USCIS website.

If your case is complicated, you would be wise go to an infopass appointment with a lawyer.  He will be able to understand the situation of you case and explain it to you in a clear manner and may even be able to resolve open issues in your case.

How Infopass Works

Access the system by going on the internet a page on the USCIS website. Any computer with web access can do this. In a few districts, immigration has installed computer kiosks in the lobby so that people can do the scheduling there. In most others, people are directed to public libraries or anywhere that they can gain computer access to do the scheduling.  

The system directs the user into the possible appointment scheduling for the all 33 districts now using it. A preliminary page tells the person to select English, or one of eleven other languages, for the scheduling instructions. The system encourages people to use the website to check case status online without need for an appointment, and advertises the availability of immigration forms and e-filing (I-90 and I-765) through the website.

Infopass also directs the user to consult the customer service number (800-375-5283) for more information. This number is widely regarded as time-consuming and useless by practitioners. Contract employees staff the line, and the knowledge of immigration is elementary, at best. However, address changes for service centers are efficiently reported through the customer service line, since the employees reliably record the new address information in the case status information by computer.

If an appointment is then requested, the zip code for the client's home address must be entered. Then the appointment seeker is asked to choose a type of appointment – from a question about a case, a stamp in a passport after residency approval, a work permit upon to filing for adjustment after 90 days have passed, or filing an application to replace an alien card. With input of first, middle and last name, date of birth, zip code and phone number, a choice of appointment slots open within the next few weeks or days will be offered.

If appointments are used up for the next scheduling period in the particular district, the person is advised to try back later. No file numbers are requested by the system. Each district has a mix of daily appointment types available. Many districts schedule appointments every 15 minutes, while others allot 30 minutes per appointment. In the Dallas system, a separate track for the Dallas Area Rapid Adjustment (DORA), which is used to schedule adjustment filings and interviews through Infopass.

Applicants are then directed to appear at the district office with identification and to take a copy of the Infopass appointment. Districts differ on how much access they will allow to accompanying persons, including family members and translators. Each district has its own policy on whether emergency walk-in inquiries will still be allowed after Infopass is installed, but such walk-ins are generally discouraged. In efficient districts, the DHS employee is on hand to help people either obtain an Infopass appointment or screen the person for a possible walk-in emergency.

Attorney and cashier access is also by Infopass appointment in many of the districts where the system has been installed. Some districts, such as Arlington, have stated that they will keep separate attorney walk-in hours and cashier hours for immigration court cases.


 Bring a print out of the appointment notice. The notice gives the date and time of the appointment, the USCIS office address, and instructions on any additional documents required

Be prepared to present personal identification, such as a government-issued ID card, passport, valid driver’s license, I-94, Work Authorization Card, or green card (I-551).

Bring any forms, receipts, translations, and original documents related to your inquiry.

You can cancel and reschedule appointments over the Internet using the identification numbers at the bottom of your appointment confirmation notice.

If you lose your appointment notice, you may generate a replacement by accessing InfoPass and entering the information requested.




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InfoPass - Best Way to Schedule Immigration Appointments
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