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New Years Resolution: Comprehensive Immigration Reform
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New Years Resolution: Comprehensive Immigration Reform

December 25, 2011, 6:01 pm
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More States Join the Bandwagon to Repeal the anti-immigrant Arizona law and grant `Amnesty`
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New Years Resolution:  Comprehensive Immigration Reform
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December 25, 2011 - New York City - The line is being drawn on the sand as a half dozen states prepare to propose similar anti-immigrant bills passed by Arizona last year.  Yet Arizona’s efforts, proposed and supported by (soon to be ex) State Senator Russell Pearce, suffered a dramatic defeat on the Senate floor as a majority of the chamber killed five bills after business leaders' urged lawmakers to step back from the contentious issue.

As of this writing , some eighth states are actively proposing similar anti immigrants laws. 

Texas is very vigorously promting anti-immigrant laws,  with more than 40 bills being contemplated, including one that would require all students to undergo strict citizenship status verification. 

South Dakota proposes that anyone who knowingly hire or help illegal immigrants will be deemed a criminal. Another would deputize state police as immigration officers, mandating that they confront anyone they believe illegal and verify status.

Florida State Representative William Snyder is thinking about an immigration bill comparable to Arizona's, which compels non-citizens to carry their green cards on them constantly. (Such a law would require all Floridians to carry proof of residency.)

Kentucky proposes a bill that would allow police to ask people whether they are in the country legally. If they are not, they could be arrested and charged with trespassing.

South Carolina proposes a bill less restrictive. It would require police officers to verify the immigration status of any one they believe is illegal and is stopped in connection with another crime

Georgia legislators are proposing a law that allows states to deputize police to act as immigration officers and interrogate people about their immigration status.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage plans to also magically turn state police into immigration officers.

Utah Rep. Stephen Sandstrom has met with Michael Hethmon, general counsel of the Immigration Reform Law Institute, the legal wing of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), to help him draft an anti-immigrant proposal. FAIR is one of the many anti-immigarnt organization run by one man, John Tanton.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit civil rights organization, categorizes FAIR as a "hate group" because of bigoted quotes from its founder, John Tanton.

FAIR is just one piece of a vast and powerful anti-immigrant organization, created over the last 30 years, and orchestrated by John Tanton.   His organization has been able to insinuate itself into many of the social and political debates of our time.

Tanton developed many different entities so that it appears that there are numerous advocates for what he sees and the ideal society.  Another of his group, the Center for Immigration Studies, acts as so-called "think tank" to the anti-immigrant movement. Some other entities he is invalid with are the Coalition for the Future American Worker, Progressives for Immigration Reform, NumbersUSA, Immigration Reform Law Institute, United to Secure America Coalition.  These are just a few of his many groups that work in unison trying frenetically to modify America's thinking on immigration.

The current endeavor, led by Republicans, are a group of state bills arriving this year with its sights on destroying Hispanic and other minorities way of life. 

Coming together for another unsuccessful attempt, Republican Grinches plan to begin yet another coordinated effort to cancel automatic United States citizenship for children born in this country to illegal immigrant parents.  In other words, they ultimately want to destroy the basic fabric of our country and turn back the clock before the civil rights movement..  Their efforts are doomed to failure as the 14th amendment to the constitution says this: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”  But the Republicans know they will never be able to change the 14th Amendment, but just by trying they feed their frenetic hordes of Grinches,

The U.S. government is vigorously opposing these laws.  The Department of State has been consistently challenging this law as an unconstitutional attempt to control the immigration laws; an area constitutionally reserved for the federal government.  The guts of the Arizona  law has been enjoined until further decision by the Supreme Court,

Meanwhile the Obama administration is reviewing orders to deport thousands of illegal immigrants in two cities; Baltimore and Denver.  These reviews follow Obama’s earlier order to review more than 300,000 cases still pending in immigration court. 

At the same time, Representatives from over 20 states assembled in Montgomery to call for the invalidating of the law identified as HB 56. Opponents of Alabama's immigration law rallied with immigrant and civil rights leaders last Saturday from the state Capitol steps to the governor's mansion sending a message of disappointment with what some call a "mean and ugly law." The organizers, the Fair Immigration Reform Movement approximated a crowd of more than 2,500. 

With the national limelight on the Republicans anti-immigrant campaign, a group of leading Iowans is also entering the immigration battle. The Iowan congress created the Iowa Compact, a proposal that would have federal immigration reform that, contrary to the republican paradigm, increases legal immigration and refocuses law enforcement on security threats and does not try to keep out farm workers.

The Iowa Compact would change undocumented immigration from working underground to working above ground and within the laws. The Iowa Compact wants to abolish unauthorized immigration by authorizing it.

The Iowa Compact was inspired by Utah’s similar proposal. In November 2010, former Republican Governor Olene Walker, Republican legislators, Democratic legislators, and numerous others executed the Utah Compact.  The Utah Compact passed a softer version of Arizona’s SB 1070 with many of the most burdensome parts gone and surprisingly added a state-level guest worker pilot program.

Over the course of the last four years anti-immigrant republicans have fallen into their own trap by remaining silent about realistic solutions and/or adopting harsh language and antagonistic measures to enforce a flawed immigration system.

In response to increasing anti-immigrant attacks at the state level, many more enlightened state level organizations are moving towards a major thrust for more legal immigration and a resolution that does not reinforce a failed enforcement-only strategy. 

Even New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg went to Washington recently with a plan for comprehensive immigration reform, asking Congress to embrace four ideas he believes will prompt economic recovery and generate jobs.

With the intellectual power of  like minded humane individuals, a nationwide, pro-immigration movement is finally gaining strength throughout the country.
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New Years Resolution: Comprehensive Immigration Reform
New Years Resolution:  Comprehensive Immigration Reform
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