Time for Comprehensive Immigration Reform Is Now!
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Time for Comprehensive Immigration Reform Is Now!

December 15, 2011, 9:35 pm
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Without the Latin voters both the GOP and Democrats will struggle in 2012
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New York, NY - In a December 12 pastoral letter, the bishop of Wisconsin said the Catholics should “commit [themselves] to helping resolve this pressing immigration crisis,”  The letter went on to say that  “[o]ur Catechism addresses directly the duty of wealthy nations like ours to welcome foreigners who are searching for a better life and to respect their natural right to emigrate,” the bishops write. “At the same time, it recognizes the right of governments to regulate immigration for the sake of the common good (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2nd ed., n. 2241). This duty and this right are not incompatible; it is possible to respect both.”

The GOP is threading on thin ice, if it expects to have any chance of winning the 20012 election if they alienate the  Catholic and Latino voters. Some 64% to 70% of Latinos identify as Catholic, thus when the Latin community increases, it grows the overall Catholic vote.

Despite the huge economic problems facing our county, a recent poll  suggests that immigration reform is the main issue affecting the Latino vote in next year’s presidential race.

The poll, conducted by Latino Decisions, reported that 42 percent of Latino voters were concerned about immigration . Surprisingly unemployment come in second at a distant 23 percent. Fixing the economy came in third at 20 percent.  Only one percent of the Latinos polled thought that there was a major need to address Wall Street banking practices. “It seems like this is in part because there’s only competition on the Republican side, but it also means Latinos in general aren’t very interested and don’t feel included in the Republicans’ conversation,” University of Washington in

Seattle professor and adviser for Latino Decisions Matt Barreto said in a statement, according to Politico.
Over the years, the anti immigrant faction rested their case on more border enforcement arguing that before immigration reform, we have to  " secure the border."  This argument is frivolous on its face as it ignores the extent to which the federal government has poured their assets into making the southwestern border  almost impenetrable.

But it’s not just the argument that the borders are more secure than ever or that Obama has deported more illegal aliens than any other president in recent history a large segment of our population want immigration reform.  In a recent Pew Research poll conducted Nov. 9-14 that included 2,001 adults through landlines and mobile telephones finds that 43 percent adult Americans believe that  "better border security and stronger enforcement" and a "path to citizenship for illegal immigrants in the United States" are issues that should be given equal priority. The number of those who say better border security and stronger enforcement should be the more important priority is just 29 percent.

It’s clear from this poll and the conversations going around the country that both border enforcement and immigration reform are equally important.   If Congress wants to make Americans happy, it has to go beyond the political bickering and finalize a comprehensive immigration reform package that takes care of both border security and the legal integration of the over 12 million aliens residing in our county.

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Time for Comprehensive Immigration Reform Is Now!
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