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Fashion for MEN - TUXEDO DEN
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Fashion for MEN - TUXEDO DEN

September 23, 2011, 1:52 pm
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TUXEDO DEN - 15th Aniversary sale
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Fashion for MEN - TUXEDO DEN

September 22, 2011. By George Roberts.


Today’s fashion industry is no longer catering to just women; men’s fashion is breaking on to the scene in a very big way. These days men are becoming more personally involved in how they look and feel about themselves. Years ago many male models in the industry were misjudged for embracing fashion; when at the time most men’s attire was, shall we say much less evolved. Today, things are quite a different story.  In today’s world of fashion we find many designers and stores specifically tailoring themselves for the needs, wants, and styles specific to men. Many years ago, a young man named Jeffrey M. Petersen from Toms River- New Jersey, had an idea of opening a store, specifically suited to men’s formalwear, in regards to attire for weddings, sweet sixteen’s, graduation and special occasions. That store was called TUXEDO DEN located in Howell, New Jersey.  This year TUXEDO DEN is completing its 15th Anniversary, and I can tell you from my experience the store is very busy. TUXEDO DEN is my, George Roberts (Host of VEJATV.COM & The Fashion Channel), favorite store when it comes to my formal looks.  I was recently in need of a new style and look for both a new TV Production and interviews during fashion week.  They dressed me up with two beautiful tuxedos for an amazing video and Photo shoot done by Marcelo Valente and Lazaro Dias (NJ/NY Local Celebrity photographers). It was fantastic working with Jeffrey Petersen and Brandi Annecharico (Jeff’s assistant and Designer).

 Today TUXEDO DEN is run by a very efficient crew to make your experience a memorable one. They are: Jeffrey Petersen CEO/Founder, Brandi Annecharico Lead Stylist, Ron Wolff Director of Sales and Marketing, Louisa Timofeyev Master Seamstress and Consultant, Justin Hatfield Marketing\Event Coordinator.

TUXEDODEN is not just a simple store where people come to rent tuxedos; they are efficient and knowledgeable in men’s elegant clothing and the clients recognize how special they are in terms of service. TUXEDODEN has won four “best of” awards over the last four years and it shows from the moment you walk through the showroom doors.   Last Friday September 16, Jeffrey and his Lead Stylist Brandi were attending the COUTURE Fashion week Show in New York City (The biggest Fashion event in NYC) where many important leaders in the fashion industry were in attendance.   Designers and Models know about them and also the type of work the company does in New Jersey. “I guarantee quality in our service” says Jeffrey Petersen (CEO/Founder). And they say: “We are proud to offer your choice of two great wedding specials, both available with one great award winning service.  No matter what the date of your wedding, whether it be 2011 or beyond, you can start your booking process now, and finish later to lock in your savings.   CALL TODAY to get started!” Contact TUXEDO DEN and visit the store. Be fashionable!!!

2410 US Highway 9
Howell, NJ 07731
ph: 732-414-1281
fax: 732-414-1283              






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Author: George Roberts
Modelo, reporter e escritor e colunista da Revista Só Festa-USA.
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Fashion for MEN - TUXEDO DEN
Fashion for MEN - TUXEDO DEN
Friday 23 September 2011

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