PAM 2011 in New York City
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PAM 2011 in New York City

August 4, 2011, 8:19 pm
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IATI Theater presents its fourth annual 2-week festival
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New York.  August 1, 2011 by George Roberts.


PAM 2011 in New York City

After `Cayendo con Victoriano` The actor Alfredo Huereca is on the play La Cena (The Dinner). by Giuseppe Manfridi. Directed by: RAÚL DURÁN


IATI Theater presents its fourth annual 2-week festival “PAM 2011” (Performing Arts Marathon 2011) featuring La Cena (The Dinner). At IATI Theater, 64 East 4th Street, New York. On August 4th at 8pm and August 7th at 3pm. The production will be in Spanish.

La Cena (The Dinner) is an intimate theatrical experience in which the audience, sharing wine with the actors, becomes witness to the unraveling of a psychological thriller.

After five years apart, Giovanna returns to her father’s house to introduce her new fiance, Francesco. Her father lives alone, accompanied only by his unwaveringly loyal servant, Fangio. As if it were one more dinner guest, the past crashes in and disrupts what could have been the only chance at reuniting.

The director and actors have worked together on a number of productions at Repertorio Español including: Once Five Years Pass, In the Time of the Butterflies, Chronicles of a Death Foretold, Doña Flor and her Two Husbands, Life is a Dream and Don Quixote.



La Cena (The Dinner) plays on:

Thursday, August 4th             8pm

Sunday, August 7th               3pm

Tickets are $20 online and $25 at the door. To buy online, go to Tickets for seniors and students are $18 online and $20 at the theater door.

Let’s know more about this wonderful group


Raúl Durán. As a director: Delirios y Canciones with the singer-songwriter Francisco Cespedez and Micalea. Diva, mambisa y chancletera, and Galapago by Salvador Lemis. As an actor in Repertorio Español: There’s no better friend nor worse enemy, Once five years pass, Pantaleon, Doña Flor and her two husbands, Chronicle of a death foretold, Fiesta del Chivo, Don Quixote, Ana in the Tropics. Theatre credits in Florida include: Fresa y Chocolate by Senel Paz; Delirio Habanero by Alberto Pedro, La Chunga by Vargas Llosa, Doña Rosita la soltera by García Lorca and La noche by Abilio Estevez. Cuban television credits: “Los Hermanos” by Eduardo Macías and “Shiralad” by Chely Lima and Alberto Serret. With Univisión and Telemundo he has appeared in “Guadalupe”, “Morelia”, “Dame Chocolate”, “Pecados Ajenos”, “El rostro de Analia” and “Al filo de la ley”. 

Ana Grosse. New York theater: Bad Evidence (The Cell Theatre) Fêtes de la Nuit (Ohio Theatre), Firehouse (47th Street Theatre), Coupling Heuristic (Manhattan Theatre Source), Enemies, A Love Story (Steps Theatre), Phaedra's Dilemma (Impact Theatre), Movie Date (Roy Arias Theatre), Poison (Atlantic Stage 2), The Exonerated (Foster Street Productions), Once Five Years Pass, The House of Bernarda Alba, Chronicle of a Death Foretold and Way to Heaven (Repertorio Español). International: Adelaide Arts Festival, Next Wave Festival and Adelaide Fringe (Australia), and Theater Festival Mercosur (Argentina).  

Gerardo Gudiño. In Argentina: Where are you going Hollis Jay?; The rebounding kiss; Between Muses and spaghettis; The hour in which we didn’t know anything about each other and You were going to find out, one day, anyway. At Repertorio Español: Chronicle of a death foretold; Yerma; Bloodwedding; The badblood; Don Quixote; Life is a dream (nomination ACE award); Boxcar; Doña Flor and her two husbands, The girl that died often, Once five years pass. In other NY theaters: Pandora’s Box; The arrogant Spaniard and The Guest and the Void (ACE nomination and Hola award recipient). In English: A place without seasons and Loveless scenes.

Alfredo Huereca. In New York City he has performed at Repertorio Español, Puerto Rican Traveling Theater, IATI, and other Off and Off-Off-Broadways venues.  He received the 1998 Best Actor Award by the ACE, Associación de Críticos de Espectáculos, for his performance in Caprichos. As Founder, Artistic Director and Producer of World View Productions, Inc., on May 2011 he brought to the stage the Off-Broadway production of Cayendo con Victoriano, directed by Luis Martin, where he performed the leading role of the Mexican Dictator, Victoriano Huerta.  With this production, his company has been invited to participate at the International Theatre Festival in Monterrey, Mexico, on August, 2011. Besides his work on-stage, Mr. Huereca has appeared on film, TV and has participated in numerous radio and TV commercials. 




Author: George Roberts
Modelo, reporter e escritor e colunista da Revista Só Festa-USA.
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PAM 2011 in New York City
PAM 2011 in New York City
Thursday 04 August 2011