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Behind the Scenes at MY Lifestyle Magazine Cover Shoot
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Behind the Scenes at MY Lifestyle Magazine Cover Shoot

July 7, 2011, 1:08 am
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Cover Shoot at MY Lifestyle Magazine with Cindy Taylor
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Behind the Scenes at MY Lifestyle Magazine Cover Shoot

By Veronica Apsan


Last Saturday as apart of the press crew of, a web television with a section dedicated to fashion and known for interviewing celebrities from around the world, we went behind the scenes and watched the photo shoot of next month’s front cover of MY LifeStyle magazine, the top Latin magazine in New York City.

Arriving early in the morning, the crew of Vejatv,com observed how a photo shoot evolves, from it’s early frenetic movement of it’s setup to a final, beautiful and sophisticated set catching the imagination not only of those that were there, but everyone that will eventually see the final product in next month’s, MY LifeStyle magazine. My job was to photograph the event for the Fashion Channel of

As it turned out, this was not an ordinary photo shoot, but one focused on the beauty and elegance of Paraguayan model and actress Cindy Taylor, the chosen one for the front cover. Between sets, Cindy spoke about her life and how she evolved to be the person she is today.  

According to Cindy, not everything that people read on the Internet was true and in doing so she explained the real reason why she came to the United States.  A reason so unexpected and intriguing, that an entire book could be written about it.   Cindy is searching for her long lost father and she yearns, as most daughters that have lost a parent would, to reconnect and find closure in their lives. 

When George Roberts, the Fashion reporter of VejaTv, asked her why she became a model, she started off by explaining that it wasn’t like the “fairy tale dream,” She was not just spotted on the streets because of their beautiful looks; She decided to become a model and just wouldn’t take no for an answer. She persevered though many obstacles, bringing her to the success she enjoys today.

On that same day Veja Tv’s Fashion Channel interviewed almost everyone on set contributing to the Cover shoot. Karen Hoyos, last month’s cover model and wife of Alvaro Altamirano, President and owner of MY Lifestyle Magazine, was the host of the shoot and with her energetic and friendly personality managed the event. Karen Hoyos is one of the most recognized life style coach and speaker and has helped 40 million people through her seminars. 

The photographer on site was Philippe Reynaud, a famous French photographer and former Calvin Klein Model, who was discovered at age 20 on the streets of Paris by renowned photographer Mario Testino. Philippe worked nonstop under a grueling sun to capture the essence of Cindy Taylor and make the next cover for My Lifestyle magazine a success,

Carlos Otero, well-known hairstylist and markup artist kept Cindy looking perfect for each shot. 

Designer/Model Heather Payne was there to make sure each ensemble looked and fit perfectly.  We briefly spoke about what made her want to make clothes, she said that if she could sell herself for 15 years by being a runway model, then she knew she could sell anything she was passionate about. Her active contemporary wear covered Cindy Taylor during the photo shoot. 

Carlos Anaya, columnist for My Lifestyle Magazine and well known Journalist, Multimedia Produce and reporter for Univision Television, was interviewed; and then Carlos joined the crew of and conducted his own interviews. 

All in all, Veja Tv’s Fashion Channel had another successful day; the job was done. I enjoyed being the new official photographer for Veja TV and capture many great behind the scenes pictures. Soon there will be a cover shoot party for My Lifestyle Magazine that will not miss! 

Stay tuned Readers for the sequel of the MY Lifestyle Magazine Photo Shoot and Party.

Author: Veronica Apsan
Veronica Apsan is the Fashion Journalist for and a photographer and reporter for She is currently a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) majoring in Fashion Design.
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Behind the Scenes at MY Lifestyle Magazine Cover Shoot
Behind the Scenes at MY Lifestyle Magazine Cover Shoot
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