Thousands Attend Journey Backyard BBQ Extreme Sports Event
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Thousands Attend Journey Backyard BBQ Extreme Sports Event

May 23, 2011, 2:06 am
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Journey Backyard BBQ extreme sports event - A Success during the 'Rapture'
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Thousands Attend Journey Backyard BBQ  Extreme Sports Event

by Adam Apsan

May 21, 2011-  Woodbridge, NJ - It was advertised as the end of the world. but May 21 turned out to be a spectacular day in Woodbridge, New Jersey where Journey Backyard BBQ was presenting its famous extreme sports event.  Hundreds of people waited at the gate for the opening and in minutes the entire venue was filled with thousand of visitors expecting to have a great time. And guess what? They did. 

Some of the visitors ran straight to the stage where a local  bands where playing, but most of them where waiting for the major ear candy treat, pop punk rockers, New Found Glory would be  headlining a  free show later on. 

But most visitors had other interest; extreme sports, skateboarding and BMX.  And what a lineup.


Ronnie Faisst,  A pioneering riders of the FMX sport, Ronnie has finishing in the top 10 of every competition he’s competed in since 2000.     He was also part of  Tony Hawk’s Boom Boom Huck Jam tour, multiple Vans Warped Tours, MTV’s Sports and Music Festival, the Dew Tour, Crusty Demons of Dirt World Tour and most recently the first of its kind Nuclear Cowboyz tour.

Corey Duffel is national known for  his punk rock look and a  fast paced skating style, skating big gaps, rails, stairs or anything that may be in his path.  He is presently working on the new Foundation video coming out  this year entitled “What the F?” He has also worked with Michael Davis' “Music Is Revolution Foundation,” raising money for music education in public schools.

Pierre-Luc Gagnon "PLG" is one of the most decorated vert skateboarders of all time. With 15 X-Games medals and multiple wins at the Dew Tour and Maloof Money Cup, PLG is one of the most prized vert skaeboarder in history. PLG will be starring in the reality TV show, X-Life on VH1.

Jack Sabback is one of the most talented of all skateboarders.  Each of his moves is well thought out and known for its “quality.” 

Jon Goemann is known as one of the best skaters to come out of North County San Diego.  

Darryl Tocco is alocal from  Lindenwold, NJ now residing in southern California, is one of the most respected BMX. Darryl is known for his technical barspin combos on street, but is also known to  shred a ramp with the best of them.  Darryl's signature frame from Kink Bikes was made avaialble to the public  a few months ago and his fans have been buying the bike up at a frantic pace.
Devon Smillie is is only 18 yet he leads teh pack; whether it's a rail, ledge, quarterpipe, box jump, or anything else you could think of,  he is capable of  destroy anything in front of him.

Seth Klinger actually moved to Woodward Camp to concentrate  on riding BMX full time. Seth competes in dirt and park .  He's known for his stylish tricks - such as a huge 360 tabletop  followed by a 360 superman seatgrab. Amazing!

Fred Gall is another New Jersey local  IPATH roots rider is one of skateboarding’s best. His abilities from East Coast street spots, transition and raw terrain makes his one to watch.   As one of the most known skateboarders in media, he was recently featured in Thrasher Skateboard Magazine.

Chad Bartie - is a native of  Australian, Chad is an expert on  all terrain  shredding everything in his path. Once he sets his sights on the target; whether it’s a ledge, arail, skatepark or your backyard, he is in command. Chad recently fappeared on the Bones Wheels Video, and is presently working on the Osiris video.

Kenny Reed originally from upstate New York, now resides in Barcelona, Spain and  travels the world for months on end, thrilling skateboarding fans as he speeds by. Perhaps this is how he got his name of “The Traveler.”

Taylor Bingaman  is part of a new generation of skateboards that have both the tech street skills and transitional skills, his breed may be the future of kateboarding/  This summer he will take part of the  X-Games and will also be featured in the new Osiris video.

Aaron "Jaws" Homoki is IPATH’s newest recruit . 19 years old and under 100 lbs., Jaws is already an  Arizona legend.   In Sweden  he took 2nd place overall at the Bowlriders event. Aaron was featured in a “180 Leap Of Faith” sequence in the February 2009 issue of Transworld Skateboarding Magazine, and also on was featured on Fuel TV’s “Daily Habit.”

JT Aultz has been a pro for over 10 years and has taken part in many vidoes.  His  style that makes skateboarding  seem effortless.

Steve Nesser is one of the most preeminent  skater to come out of the Midwestern United States in decades. A Minneapolis native known for his smooth style and power to tackle big rails  easily Steve, has been featured on the covers of Skateboarder Magazine in 2008, and Thrasher Magazine in 2007. 

Steve Durante
is another New Jersey native  is one of the newest member of the Ipath tea

Jimmy Hill started riding at age four and at  21, is one of the newest member of the Metal Mulisha team. His career  took off at the fAFMXA contest in 2010, where he walked away with  a second place trophy and was asked to  join the Metal Mulisha team.

Wes Agee has been  performing daring jumps such as  backflips before he was 18, Now he is cabaple of doing unbeleivable tricks,  like Backflip Seat Grab Indys,No Handed Flips and Backflip Indys.

Derek Garland has mastered the 75-foot flip, and many other amazing moves. He recently came in 4th place in the Masters of Dirt 2008, 5th place in the X-Games Brasil, Best Trick 2008 in the Tour.

A day spent at Journey’s Backyard BBQ is like a day at the circus.  Where else can you see motorcyclists flipping in the air and landing without any injury and skateboarders moving at such a speed that is seems impossible for mere mortals?  Yet these athletes kept the momentum up from the opening of the gates to the end of the show.  And what a day it was.  Everyone at the event was pleased;  a memorable day, one not easily forgotten.

Journey’s Backyard BBQ, just like the world, did not end this Saturday.  In fact they have more events planned for the year.  Their itinerary is as follows:  Minneapolis, May 28, 2011 and Denver, on June 4, 2011.

You can find our more about Journey’s Backyard BBQ in their Facebook page:

Author: Adam Apsan
Kid reporter for Sports Illustrated Kids and Junior Reporter for
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Thousands Attend Journey Backyard BBQ Extreme Sports Event
Thousands Attend Journey Backyard BBQ  Extreme Sports Event
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