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February 4, 2011, 1:50 am
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Where did this guy come from?  It seems that Mu-Barack Obama,  the poster boy of the status quo and the leading salesman of the snake oil of stability, has been as easily trickerate­d by the wily old Pharaoh Mubarak as he has been by the pharmaceut­ical industry, the health insurance cartel, Al-Qaeda of Wall Street and the GOP. 

To save his own skin, the Pharaoh Mubarak has unleashed on the democracy demonstrators the goons and thugs of Cairo, who will beat up anyone for half a chicken.   He has licensed harassment and worse on the world's press who have come to witness and report on the freedom uprising.  He is preparing to kill his own citizens in the morning.  His cry of  "apres moi le deluge" (Egypt cannot survive peacefully without ME) is so pathetic it should be accompanied by a universal laugh track.

In the face of these insults to freedom. social justice and humanity, Mu-Barack Obama has been playing a ridiculous game of caution, fecklessness and cowardice.  Part of this foolishness is a result of the phony war on terror created by the Bush/Cheney gang of thieves and war profiteers.  Part of it has to do with Israel, which actually has nothing to do with what is taking place in Egypt at the moment.  Part of this is Mu-Barack Obama's natural squeamishness.

Since being elected on the platform of "the change we can believe in" Mu-Barack Obama has deflected or watered down every opportunity for significant change with which he has been confronted.  He even made a rousing speech about democracy in Cairo shortly after being elected that seems now to have been given by Woody Allen or Spike Lee.

After squirming and weaseling for a week, offering empty and meaningless cliches about freedom, democracy and opportunity as the Egyptian revolution has alternately gained speed and sputtered and gathered speed again, the word now is that his fixers are working behind the scenes to encourage the Pharaoh Mubarak to immediately resign and go live with his stolen moolah in Saudi Arabia or the South of  France or Las Vegas and to be replaced by Omar Suleiman, his newly appointed vice president and stiletto,  the former head of the Egyptian Intelligence and Torture Service.  This ploy is so patently outrageous, absurd and, yes, counter-revolutionary, it is like suggesting Hitler resign in 1945 and be replaced by Himmler.

Mu-Barack's enemies in American politics have accused him of being a Communist, Fascist, Marxist, Nazi (all acceptable euphemisms  for the N-word).  He is none of these things!  What he is, is a President lacking the necessities for the job he currently occupies.  He seems to have no sense of history or occasion.  He is, in short, little more than a smile and a shoeshine.

America props up Egypt to the tune of $2 billion a year.  Egypt's army is now totally equipped by the US military-industrial complex (not counting a few rusty old Russian tanks and missiles).   Al-Qaeda of Wall Street probably makes up the majority of "investors" who have looted  Egypt of almost everything worth anything in the past decade or so. Egypt cannot survive for 5 minutes without American support.  The alarms about closing the Suez Canal, tearing up the Israel-Egypt peace treaty, going full-monte jihad if the Mubarak regime falls, is just plain nonsense.  Scare tactics to keep the global criminal conspiracy (other wise known as the status quo) humming along.

If Mu-Barack Obama had one ounce of, say,  Harry Truman's true grit or FDR's vision or Martin Luther King's sense of justice and morality, he would say to Mubarak, "You are NOT the ally we have been backing for the past 30 years.  You have either been a victim of body snatchers from outer space.  Or you are simply crazy with egoism.  We can no longer afford you.  If you don't pack your bags and light out for the territories never to return by, say, tomorrow or the day after (and take omar suleiman with you) we will not intervene if you suffer the fate of Najibullah in Afghanistan. As they say in Tahrir Square: "kefaya" .  Enough is enough." 

Is there any chance that  scenario will happen?  Faites vos jeux.  Place your bets.  Alas,  the wheel of fortune is rigged.  You are more likely to win the lottery.  Or be struck by lightning....

Author: Bernard Jenkins
Bernard Jenkins a regular Contributor at, is a writer and raconteur commenting on U.S. and world affairs for eons.
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