ABC`s Dancing With The Stars Voting Integrity Questioned after Sarah Palin`s Daughter is Chosen for the Finals
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ABC`s Dancing With The Stars Voting Integrity Questioned after Sarah Palin`s Daughter is Chosen for the Finals

November 17, 2010, 12:38 am
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Or was it Sarah Palin`s Tea Party that Caused Poorly Performing Bristol to Win On Dancing With The Stars
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ABC`s Dancing With The Stars Voting Integrity Questioned after Sarah Palin`s Daughter is Chosen for the Finals

After Monday night's performance show, doubts are popping up all over the internet on the reliability  of Dancing With The Stars vote tabulation.   Bristol Palin, the teenage daughter of  Vice-Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin  was at the bottom of the DWTS leader board on  four occasions, yet, Bristol and professional partner Mark Ballas made it to the final round, while Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who were at the top several times this season were unexpectedly booted out.

It was not just a show shocker, but a major disappointment for viewers and potential embarrassment to everyone involved in the show. Dancing With the Stars fans “allegedly” sent Brandy Norwood packing her bags.  There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Brandy was a much better dancer than Bristol Palin, but she couldn’t compete with the numbers of calls and web site votes that Palin managed to receive.

According to Tom Bergeron, the weekly host,  the votes she received were the highest in the series in order to win on a “popularity” level. How could something like this happen?  Palin should have been eliminated in the first show, but she managed to go forward despite her lack of talent. Let's face it, with the way hackers can manipulate computer system, there leaves little doubt that many will conclude that some votes were manufactured. DWTS should look at politics to see what happens when people lose faith in the voting system. Politicians do not like to lose and if it happens; recount. DWTS may soon find itself in the middle of a huge legal battle should any disqualified dancer demand a recount. 

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It was obvious from the first show that this season would have a political undertone when when Bristol Palin was announced loud boos emanated from the audience.  It seemed clear that they were not booing teenager Bristol Palin. but for her mother Sara Palin, who has become a major disappointment to the Republican Party because of her Tea party assault on traditional republicans which cost them control of the Senate, and an embarrassment for Americans in general.

Throughout the season, Sarah Palin's daughter has battled to stay in the show. Each week it seemed as if she would be taken out, but viewer votes have kept her in, notwithstanding the low scores from the judges. The big question now is whether the votes cast for Palin  were real or have been manufactured.  We may never know the truth, but when truly great dancers are dismissed and a clearly inferior dancer remains you could surmise that it looks  suspicious.

Co-host Brooke Burke said that it  was a "shock. So did "Judge Bruno Tonioli.  Finalist Kyle Massey, placed his hands on his hips looking confused, while his partner, Lacey Schiwmmer clapped, but appeared quite disappointed.

Jennifer Grey, who currently is the highest scoring finalist  stood and turned away, while her professional partner, Derek Hough’s jaw dropped.

Mark Ballas, Palin’s professional partner  rubbed her arms  and she  looked expressionless and dazed like a deer facing a headlight.

The announcement  that Brandy and Maks received the lowest total score following Monday night’s competition stunned the ballroom. Maks looked down when he heard the announcement and a number of members of the studio audience booed the results.

On the other hand, perhaps vote manipulation is not the cause of Palin’s win, it’s just her mother. DWTS 11th season has been almost like  a microcosm of the 2008 election season. Just like it didn’t matter that Sarah Palin was not ready to be president  nor that she could no answer a question intelligently, unless she was on a FOX channel, so too is her daughter Bristol's dancing career. It doesn't  matter that she can't dance. What may matter here, is that she has a huge republican, may I say Tea Party fan base. They don't mind that Bristol is a living contradiction - an unwed mother who, for a $15,000 speaking fee, promotes  "abstinence" all over the country.  Her “fan” base likes her, but more importantly they just love her mother.

Palin’s win has shown this show is not about dancing.  It's about  power. And maybe it's about who our next president could be.

Blogs are questioning why Palin was in the show to begin with. She is not a star. These are some of the quotes from different blogs:

SO FREAKIN MAD!!!! Bristol doesn't deserve to be in the finals. She can't say she is the only person to come on this season with no dance experience.There were plenty of people who were non dancers this season who danced better than she ever could and yet they were voted off and she is still on. If she wins,which i think she will, I wont be watching this show anymore because this show has proved to be about popularity not talent..UGH”

“I am a Republican and I think that Bristol Palin should have been eliminated this evening. This show should not be about popularity or politics - it should be about the best dancer. Jennifer and Brandy should be competing for the trophy next week.”

“It is totally absurd that a political alliance can be so strong as to influence a popular TV show.I have been a fan since the inception of the show,however after this evenings obvious political agenda on the voting I will not watch the finals.Disney the parent company of ABC should be ashamed of letting their political alliance take away from what has been up until now a wonderful reality show

“Bristol is boring, can't dance, and looks over 30! What a shame - If she wins, I will never look at DWTS again! It was such a great program until Politics got into the game - Those Damn Republicans!!”

“I have watched Dancing with the Stars for about 5 years and it has encouraged me to begin ballroom dancing at the age of 60+. I can't believe that Bristol Palin was voted to continue on before Brandy and Maks. Bristol showed little talent other than to spawn an illegitimate child and have a mother who is a bizarre right wing scary person.”

“This could be the end of the show. It all appears rigged. There will be a decline in viewership.”

Well who knows, Palin may even win in the finals coming up next week.  If that happens,  then  Dancing With The Stars may find itself asked not to come back… next season.

Author: Arthur Lewis
Arthur Lewis is a independent journalist who has written for periodicals in the U.S., Canada, England and Australia. His interests are varied and he is currently "following the waves" in Hawaii.
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ABC`s Dancing With The Stars Voting Integrity Questioned after Sarah Palin`s Daughter is Chosen for the Finals
ABC`s Dancing With The Stars Voting Integrity Questioned after Sarah Palin`s Daughter is Chosen for the Finals
Source: Arthur Lewis
Wednesday 17 November 2010