Life After Bankruptcy
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Life After Bankruptcy

June 7, 2010, 10:34 am
Personal Development
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How to get Credit After a Bankruptcy
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Bankruptcy is the last resort for any debtor wherein he/she legally declares the inability to pay back the debt owed. In most cases bankruptcy is initiated by the debtor or the organization. However creditors can also request bankruptcy in an effort to get back what they are owed. After filing bankruptcy you can choose the life you want to live – you can either re-build your finances or plummet deeper into the abyss.

Follow The Checklist below and You're Going to Emerge Unscathed Even after Bankruptcy

• Restrict or if possible STOP using credit cards

• If required get a secured bankruptcy credit card an pay your dues regularly

• Wait for two years before availing mortgage or even bankruptcy car loan to get the best interest rates

• Get copies off your credit reports and ensure that your accounts are listed as discharged

Bankruptcy Loan – Getting a Loan after Bankruptcy

Availing small and easily repayable bankruptcy loan – be it bankruptcy home loan or even bankruptcy car loan, will help you not just deal with your financial obligations but it will also help you rebuild your credit rating. A small bankruptcy personal loan is the ideal solution to repair your credit status. However there are some facts about bankruptcy loans that you must be aware of.

Firstly, bankruptcy loans are recommended only for people who have declared themselves bankrupt and only after their case has been discharged, their creditors have been paid. You have to wait for at least 2 years for your bankruptcy home loan or bankruptcy car loan application to be approved without unnecessary delay. Generally lenders perceive bankrupts as threats and don’t particularly want to risk lending to a recently discharged bankrupt. If you have chosen Chapter 7 Bankruptcy you must wait for 2 years to apply for a loan and in case of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy you need to first pay the full amount to your creditors before applying for a loan.

Can You Get A Credit Card After Bankruptcy?

You owned a home and hardly ever defaulted on your monthly payments. Your credit report sparkled. But unfortunate health circumstances forced you out of your job and you had to file for bankruptcy…Today you are looking for bankruptcy credit card without being charged outrageous interest rates. So what are you’re choices? You can choose between secured credit card for bankruptcy and unsecured credit card after bankruptcy.



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Life After Bankruptcy
Life After Bankruptcy
Monday 07 June 2010