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Democrats offer new guidelines for comprehesive immigration reform
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Democrats offer new guidelines for comprehesive immigration reform

April 28, 2010, 11:37 pm
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Democrats offer new guidelines for comprehensive immigration reform
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Democrats offer new guidelines for comprehesive immigration reform
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WASHINGTON, DC - A document entitled "Proposed conceptual immigration" is circulating on Capitol Hill today, detailing the main points of future immigration bill.

The 26-page document obtained by La Opinion, is backed by Sens. Charles Schumer ( D-NY ), Robert Menendez ( D-NJ ) and Harry Reid ( D-NV ). The first point of the proposal is entitled "secure the border before taking any action to change the status of people living illegally in the United States."

"We need clear benchmarks to ensure the border and ultimately deal effectively with the millions of illegal immigrants in the country. These must be met before taking action to adjust the status of persons who are illegally in the country, "he says.

"This must include: increasing the number of border patrols, increasing the ICE agents to combat trafficking, ICE inspectors enhance, extend the number of ICE officials for fraud detection, increasing staff at ports of entry, improve technology and infrastructure to assist border patrol, increasing resources to indict traffickers and increase resources for immigration courts, which expedite the removal of individuals who are illegally in the country, "the document continues.

It also mentions that after the implementation of the proposal will create a bipartisan commission will be tasked with investigating the state of security in the northern and southern borders and provide recommendations for additional resources, technology and infrastructure that must be implemented to ensure operational control complete the boundary within a year.

Democrats have insisted on finding Republican support, which was thwarted this week when Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) publicly withdrew their support for a proposal this year.

Other Republicans who have been contacted by Schumer have argued that it can support anything until I see something "in writing", a factor which until now had not been provided.

 In this regard, sources on Capitol Hill Democrats, described the document as an effort to get Republican support for a bill.

"Although it is supported only by Democrats, is a bipartisan effort, which aims to make it difficult for Republicans to say no. Its purpose is to find the necessary support, "said Frank Sharry, executive director of Voice Americas to La Opinion.

The document also specifies that after 18 months, the Social Security Administration will begin to issue biometric identification cards. "Among other features this tool would have features like the ability to check an individual locally without requiring that each employee accessing the biometric database," among others.

Five years after the date of implementation of the proposed ID card would serve as the only acceptable document for employment verification.

In the area of probate, the document proposes a "prospective legal status" ( LPI ), as mentioned by the Opinion / Impremedia in March, "that will allow undocumented immigrants and those who are benefited by the TPS , travel and work in the USA.  After eight years, would be given residence.

The proposal has a position in favor of unions, authorizing the creation of a commission in the area of future flow of workers.

Note: This article is a translation of an article published by  translated form Spanish and provided by AILA member Victor D. Nieblas

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Democrats offer new guidelines for comprehesive immigration reform
Democrats offer new guidelines for comprehesive immigration reform
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