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`The 100th Job` - A film by Micki Mihich
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`The 100th Job` - A film by Micki Mihich

April 13, 2010, 11:18 pm
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`The 100th Job` - A film by Micki Mihich
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New York April 13 2010. In “The 100th Job” Brazilian-born writer-director Micki Mihich pays homage to world cinema - and movie fans - through a neo-noir  short film which blends traditional noir elements (narration, dark story, locations and characters) with modern cinematic technology (the short film was shot in HD with the use of a lens adapter, 35mm lenses and digital color correction, amongst other techniques, in order to emulate a more "celluloidic" look).

In the film, we follow a professional killer in his preparation and journey in order to fullfill the job which will promote him within the criminal organization. The apparently simple plot, however, deceives, since “The 100th Job” takes different routes from those expected by the crime film audience, even though it uses several staples from the genre.

Although it's a Brazilian film, "The 100th Job" is spoken in English and was shot in NY and NJ. "The film is a homage to classic films", says Micki, "Therefore not only the look but also the sound had to remind us of the films made in Hollywood or Paris in the 1940s-60s". And by "remind" he means, "The film actually takes place nowadays, but you'll have several elements that will take us back to those old golden days", explains the director, who is also paying "A good homage to film fans" and has scattered many symbols (numbers, icons, colors) throughout the film. "Symbolism is one of the things I like the most in films", declares Mihich, "Not many directors use it, especially nowadays... but I do".

The outstanding score was composed and performed by one of the greatest Brazilian guitar players, Marcos Kleine, a virtuoso who used to rehearse in the same building the director used to live when both were teenagers.

"The 100th Job" has been to the San Francisco Independent Film Festival, the Orlando Film Festival, the Flatland Film Festival, the Central Florida Film Festival, the New Filmmakers NY Fall Fest 2009 at the Anthology Film Archives in NYC and was also invited to the ThrillSpy International Film Festival in Washington D.C., the first and only festival specialized in crime and action films.

It was a semi-finalist of the Action/Cut Short Film Competition in Hollywood/CA, nominated for a Maverick Award and the winner of Best Director at the Corby's International Short Film Festival in England.

If you want “A real thriller with real style” (San Francisco, "A film of high artistic level" (Jornal do Brasil) and "A great short film that is worth seeking out" (, rush to see "The 100th Job" at the Focus Brasil 2010; you won't regret it.

For more information check the official site:

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Author: Joao Vianna
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`The 100th Job` - A film by Micki Mihich
`The 100th Job` - A film by Micki Mihich
Source: Joao Vianna
Tuesday 13 April 2010

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