The Brazilian Music Revolution is Coming
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The Brazilian Music Revolution is Coming

March 27, 2010, 9:50 pm
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The Brazilian Music Revolution is Coming
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New York March 27, 2010 - Brazilian musicians will be  flying into  Chicago during the upcoming months. The  legendary Gilberto Gil at Symphony Center on April 2, the magnificent  Pernambuco big band Orquestra Contemporanea de Olinda from Pernambuco  at Rumba on April 6 , and the heavenly  Céu at Green Dolphin Street on April 23. 

Many other Brazilan Musicians will be playing. Indie rock singer Lulina from Sao Paulo at Ronny’s, playing un-Brazilian music, yet in her native Portuguese, it sounds very melodic. On last year’s Cristalina (YB) she and her band formed a meditative atmosphere for sensual melodies.  The music seems to have evolved form the ‘60s  Commng Friday Bahian singer  Sylvia Patricia, , will play at a free lunchtime concert at the Randolph Street Cafe in the Chicago Cultural Center. Her music fits squarely into the country’s MPB tradition (Musica Popular Brasileira), the all-encompassing tag for post-bossa pop that includes  all types of local traditions mixed with rock, jazz, and pop. She’s already produced five albums  and important names  like Caetano Veloso and Carlinhos Brown have made guest appearances on some of her songs.

Brazilian music is full of passion and taking hold in the United States this year.  It is  a combination of Portuguese and African sources meeting that creates a mystical  and magical sound, It is the constant search for new forms within Brazil's diverse musical heritage that most captivates Americans and at the same time influences musicians around the world.

Author: Nelly Castillo
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The Brazilian Music Revolution is Coming
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