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The Stage is Set - Red Bull Arena
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The Stage is Set - Red Bull Arena

March 16, 2010, 7:43 pm
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Red Bull Arena Media Day
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The Stage is Set - Red Bull Arena
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Harrison, March 16, 2010. The New York Red Bulls opened their doors to the media at a very pleasant press conference where it was discussed topics regarding the 2010 Season, the Red Bull Arena Media Day.
Red Bull players and coaching staff answered a variety of questions regarding the upcoming season. One thing is for sure; we can all expect a great season.

“The Stage is Set” and the team is highly motivated! Player Carlos Mendes told us that it’s a great honor to play against Santos FC at the “Inauguration Game” and that the team is working hard to meet expectations throughout the season.
At one time during the interview to Brazilian channel VejaTV, Carlos Mendes invited “In Portuguese” the Portuguese-Speaking community residing in the Ironbound section of Newark to attend the games. Fans can literally walk from the Ironbound section of Newark to the Arena.

After feeling the vibe from the players and talking to people directly connected with the Bulls it’s clear to me that with the signing of experienced coach Hans Backe the team will definitely perform better than last year. Investments were made, new players acquired, and of course, a new fan-base was formed.

I really believe the team has what it takes to advance to the playoffs! Wouldn’t be so optimistic to place the squad as a challenger for the title, not yet at least, but would definitely say the team has walked a long way and has by far the best infrastructure in MLS.

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Author: Guilherme Salgado
NJYS Licensed Soccer Coach, Radio Brasil Legal Sports Commentator, VejaTV Reporter and Columnist
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The Stage is Set - Red Bull Arena
The Stage is Set - Red Bull Arena
Tuesday 16 March 2010

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